Focus: Pipeline Inspection, Location and Leak Detection — Cameras

Focus: Pipeline Inspection, Location and Leak Detection — Cameras
The Viztrac II AM240-200 pipe inspection camera from Amazing Machinery.

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Locating leaks and blockages in sewer and drain lines used to be little more than guesswork. It's different today, however, and blindly jetting or digging up a line without first properly inspecting it can waste time and money. Whether you're inspecting sanitary sewers or indoor plumbing, there's a camera that will help you do your job more efficiently. Check out the selection below and keep these cameras in mind when it's time to make your next purchase. 


Amazing Machinery Viztrac II AM240-200

The Viztrac II AM240-200 pipe inspection camera from Amazing Machinery has 200 feet of durable 1/2-inch push cable with fiberglass rod inner core, a 20-inch cage reel and attached water-sealed case containing the controls, a high-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor and wheels to increase mobility. It also has a 1-inch, powder-coated, lay-flat frame with an upright rolling stand; a 1 3/8-inch O.D. metal camera housing; nine dimmable high-output 5 mm LED lights; high-resolution color camera with a self-leveling head; scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens; high-grade 512 Hz sonde locator with an average range of 12 to 15 feet; and an integrated digital video recorder with remote control, compatible with most standard SD cards. 800/504-7435;


Aries Seeker

The compact, portable Seeker video inspection system from Aries Industries works in 3-inch or larger pipes. The 40-pound unit is a self-contained system with no external wiring and can be used in conjunction with a CCTV truck. It comes with a built-in 512 Hz transmitting beacon and a bright 6.4-inch LCD screen. Users can select from either a self-leveling mini camera or a pan-and-tilt camera with self-cleaning wiper blade. Built-in AV outputs enable inspection data to be recorded onto an SD card, DVR or a laptop. Wireless controls, video transmission up to 300 feet and line tracing are available. 800/234-7205;


Blood Hound Lateral Launch Camera

The Lateral Launch Camera system from Blood Hound can snake through pipe or conduit, winding around corners to pinpoint the exact location of a collapse or blockage without having to resort to exploratory digging. Camera systems UL listed as “intrinsically safe” are available for inspecting lines containing a hazardous and/or explosive atmosphere, such as remediation piping or fuel pipelines. All camera inspection technicians are PACP, MACP and LACP certified. 888/858-9830;


Cobra Technologies CP Series

The CP Series portable inspection system from Cobra Technologies has all the functionality of a truck-mounted system in a compact, go-anywhere package. The portable platform with wheels and a collapsible handle makes transportation of this unit easy for any operator. Its lightweight cable allows for maximum crawler productivity, but can also support multiple crawlers for 6- to 48-inch lines, while the auto level rewind supports cable with 600- to 1,000-foot capacity. It comes with built-in DVD recording, a daylight LCD monitor, a Touch Pro Data Logger and CAMS Office software. 800/443-3761;


CPI Products TrapMaster 

The TrapMaster from CPI Products allows for most standard push camera systems to negotiate bends and corners and 180-degree P-traps in 4- to 6-inch pipes while centering the camera at all times. Eight wheels are mounted on two separate skids spaced roughly 2 inches apart. The front section mounts to the camera head while the rear mounts at the optimal spot along the camera head or spring push cable. Each section of the skid has four rocking SeamLeapers that swivel back and forth and adjust to various radiuses in the pipe, allowing for wheel contact and maneuverability. 413/443-0925;



The MPlus+ lateral and mini-mainline push system from CUES comes with a stainless steel frame and enables easy operation with its all-in-one setup. Its control unit can be removed quickly to be used separately for off-road or remote job sites or to accommodate compact storage. It includes video titling, video observation coding, digital recording and optional line tracing in an easy-to-use package. This lightweight system includes large and durable wheels for easy portability and a balanced footprint for stability. 800/327-7791;


EasyCAM E5150

The mid-size E5150 sewer inspection camera from EasyCAM comes with a color camera head and a 512 Hz transmitter with 150 feet of heavy duty pushrod nestled in a powder-coated aluminum frame. It is 22 inches around and 11 inches high, ideal for confined space and roof work. The unit has a standard 7-inch recordable monitor with sun shield, offering the choice of video or still photos saved to a standard SD card. Voice-over and image inversion are standard. The monitor is held in place by a 360-degree swivel bracket for personalized viewing angles and can be removed from the bracket for any viewing angle. It has cordless, safe, 12-volt operation and is designed with plug-and-play components that allow for easy repairs. 239/260-2056;


Electric Eel eCAM Ace 2

The eCAM Ace 2 pipeline inspection camera system from Electric Eel includes a heavy-duty cover that closes to protect the monitor when in transit or storage, and flips up to act as a sun shield for viewing in bright sunlight. It has one-touch USB recording, an on-screen footage counter, and a wheel kit for easy transport and maneuverability. It comes with a rugged stainless-steel-housed 1.68-inch-diameter color camera with sapphire lens and 20 LED light ring. A high-resolution CCD element with a self-leveling color camera is available. It also includes 200 feet of Kevlar-braided 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod, an industry standard 512 Hz sonde, a reel-mounted 5.4-inch LCD monitor with AR Film for optimal viewing in sunlight, an acrylic antiglare monitor shield, a video output jack for a recording option, flexible camera spring to navigate 3-inch P-traps, a rugged and portable powder-coated steel frame, a secure-locking reel brake and a centering skid. 800/833-1212;


Hathorn Corporation Magnum DVR

The Magnum DVR command module from Hathorn Corporation has USB recording and a navigation menu that is simple to use and easy to learn. With its 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor, images can be seen clearly in bright sunlight. The system has a full-size keyboard, 16 pages of text writing, 512 Hz sonde, on-screen footage counter, 8X zoom, microphone, speaker and a two-hour built-in battery with smart charger. Several reel options are available along with three camera head sizes. The command module can also be programmed to work with other manufacturers’ reels. 905/886-2835;


Insight Vision Cameras IRIS

The IRIS Windows app-operated mainline crawler from Insight Vision Cameras inspects pipes from 6 to 12 inches, and up to 18 inches with an optional larger wheel set. The ultra-portable and heavy-duty unit comes with 750 feet of advanced tether cable, pan-and-tilt and a 10-inch LCD touch screen. The system includes a six-wheel-drive transporter and uses four powerful LED lights to illuminate a large area. The camera and transporter are controlled via a hand-held pendant. Video will display on the reel unit as well to an external monitor via HDMI, or a dedicated Wi-Fi-enabled Windows tablet, allowing easy file management and post software reporting. 800/488-8177;


Inuktun Services Spectrum 45

The Spectrum 45 push camera from Inuktun Services has a diameter of 1.75 inches, making it ideal for remote inspections in pipes as small as 4 inches in diameter. Even in tight confines, it can effortlessly pan, tilt and focus as close as 1/8 inch with six high-intensity built-in LED lights for optimal viewing. With 300 feet of tether and a cable counter built in to the reel, it can travel the distance required for remote visual inspection needs. It is available in aluminum or stainless steel, and can be used in applications such as remote toxic analysis, underwater inspection, caisson surveillance, ship hull inspections, and foreign object search and retrieval. 877/468-5886;


JD7 Investigator

The JD7 Investigator is an asset management and leak detection tool for insertion into pressurized pipelines. The system is mounted onto pipework through a selection of fittings and/or hot tappings. The system is used for 3-inch-diameter pipework and above for complete asset condition examination and leak finding with access through fire hydrants, 1.5-inch and above pressure fittings, air valves and gate valves at full main pressure. The hydrophone sensor head, along with real-time data, allows the operator to understand internal pipework conditions and leakage points. The maximum distance for each insertion is 328 feet. During insertion, the maximum distance achievable will be influenced by the pipe diameter, internal condition and number of bends present. 858/242-1640;


KEG Technologies KleenSight

The KleenSight Camera Nozzle from KEG Technologies can clean and inspect sewer mains in one pass. The 1080P HD self-leveling camera ensures a high-quality video for clear condition assessment. Videos can be emailed or sent to the Cloud to share with co-workers or customers. A high-performance nozzle is used to propel the camera nozzle and also clean the line, eliminating the need to preclean. Video is recorded to a 16 GB internal memory, where it is stored until the memory is full and the files are written over. Any Wi-Fi-capable device can access and download the data when the KleenSight is set to Wi-Fi mode. The system is designed to work with existing flush and camera trucks and the MPEG 4 format videos are compatible to most software currently on the market today. 866/595-0515;


MyTana MS11-NG

The MS11-NG mid-size inspection system from MyTana Mfg. Company is suitable for inspecting 3- to 4-inch lines up to 150 feet long. The monitor, control box, pushrod reel and camera are contained in a single piece of equipment with a carrying handle. In addition to color self-leveling, the camera head has a built-in 512 Hz transmitter for locating trouble spots, even in cast iron pipes. Wi-Fi transmission of video is available, so inspections can be simulcast to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Wi-Fi-equipped device with the free MyTana Viewer app. An optional recording device captures inspection records to provide to customers. 800/328-8170;


Pearpoint/SPX P350 flexitrax

The modular P350 flexitrax portable crawler system from Pearpoint/SPX has interchangable main components to suit specific needs. Options include a manual or powered drum, three interchangeable cameras and a range of wheels and tires, and users can determine the cable length and crawler size. The command module is also fully compatible with the P340 flexiprobe, allowing access to a range of pushrod reels, cameras and accessories. Survey data can be transferred from a compact flash to a PC or laptop via USB 2.0. FlexiSight Windows-based software edits video and converts reports to Word format. An integrated report writer creates inspection reports on site. It can fit in the trunk of a car and can be wheeled on site using the ergonomic barrow design. 800/688-8094;


Pipeline Renewal Technologies JetCam 40

The JetCam 40 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies uses high-pressure water for propulsion, steering and cleaning as it captures live inspection video from inside lateral lines. It can traverse multiple bends in pipe, steer through branches and levitate above debris to locate failed pipes, cross bores and blockages, as well as clean lines. It is fully water-driven, as six propulsion nozzles generate the power needed to pull its own flexible hose through multiple bends, and a side nozzle on the camera can be aimed to steer through diverging pipes and hover past obstacles. An optional forward-facing nozzle can be pulsed to clear debris and other obstructions. The system works with any high-pressure water source, including pressure washers and combination trucks. Its 1/2-inch hose comes in lengths from 115 to 190 feet. 866/936-8476;


RapidView IBAK North America POLARIS

The POLARIS camera system from RapidView IBAK North America has a three-axis range of movement for effective inspection of branching, small-diameter pipeline systems. The ability to pan and tilt is enhanced by the camera’s pivot arm, which allows the operator to choose direction while moving through the pipeline and encountering tees and wyes. It keeps the pipe in clear view on the monitor and allows for laser measurement of pipe diameter and other observations. It has upright picture control, wide-angle view (plus or minus 120 degrees), powerful LED lighting and low-light sensitivity. 800/656-4225;


Ratech Electronics Elite SD Wi-Fi 

The Elite SD Wi-Fi inspection system from Ratech Electronics allows operators to record pipe inspections wirelessly to an iOS or Android device and take live video and digital still photos to immediately upload to YouTube. It doesn’t require USB thumb drives, SD cards or DVDs. Just download an app to an iPhone or iPad and stream the video wirelessly. The Wi-Fi interface is available on any current Ratech product or existing Ratech system in the field, and is available with a sun-readable 10-inch LCD monitor and either a self-leveling camera, small ultra micro camera or pan-and-tilt push camera. Systems come in cable lengths from 100 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200;


Rausch USA minCam Duo Series

The minCam Duo push camera from Rausch USA replaces the need for two different systems by integrating two pushrods and two cameras for small and large pipes in a compact and easy-to-use system. It comes with built-in lithium-ion batteries and is immediately ready to use. An integrated 8.4-inch sunlight-readable screen has a documentation system with video, photo and voice recording, on-screen distance counter and file management. Files are recorded to an SD card up to 32 GB. The system has a stainless steel housing, standard 512 Hz sonde and scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens. 717/709-1005;


Ritec GmbH RiFlexio S

The flexible RiFlexio S push camera from Ritec GmbH can be pushed over deposits or staggered pipe joints. By pressing a button of the remote control, the camera head is lifted upward and can be pushed over the obstacle. Its extremely slim construction allows the camera to turn off into pipes 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The camera head can turn 90 degrees side-to-side inside pipes without losing rotational capabilities.


RS Technical Services QuickPeek

The compact QuickPeek portable video inspection system from RS Technical Services comes in a lightweight, easily transportable yet durable stainless steel housing. It can be used to inspect lines 2 to 10 inches in diameter and up to 300 feet in length. It comes with a high-resolution color, low-lux, self-leveling camera with high-intensity LED lighting, high-impact sapphire lens and 512 Hz in-line transmitter. The unit also features a 2-inch sleeve and 3-inch finned skid, 200-foot pushrod, 7-inch bright LCD monitor with adjustable viewing angle, easy-access control center and sun shield that reduces glare and protects the monitor during transport. It has an AC/DC input, video/audio I/O, condenser microphone and keyboard for text annotation. Options include an onboard or external battery pack; SD digital card recorder or laptop interface; additional roller skids for 6-, 8- and 10-inch straight runs; 100- to 300-foot pushrod assembly; and a 512 Hz receiver with depth readout.  800/767-1974;


RVI Pro minCord

The minCord miniature drain inspection system, distributed by RVI Pro, incorporates a 1/2- by 1/4-inch camera head with 50 feet of push/pull cable, integrated 3.5-inch LCD monitor with image capture and video recording, and AC/DC operation, all self contained in a shatter-proof housing with reel. 219/787-5092;


Spartan Tool SparVision 200

At 25 pounds, the SparVision 200 pipe inspection camera from Spartan Tool is self-contained for easy on-the-job maneuverability. Outfitted with iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy S10 technology, it includes telestration to actually draw on the screen to indicate problems. It has a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard, and Wi-Fi for freedom of movement and simple emailing of video. Its 200 feet of ultra-slick pushrod travels quickly and easily through the drain, and the self-leveling camera head simplifies diagnosis. It enables instant snapshots and includes a standard 512 Hz locating beacon and distance counter. 800/435-3866;


Vu-Rite Video Inspection Systems Model C-150 T2M

The durable Model C-150 T2M mini camera from Vu-Rite Video Inspection Systems is ideal for inspecting sewer lines as small as 2 inches or larger lines with the use of a mini-lift adapter. The full-color mini camera has adjustable lighting and a heavy-duty stainless steel lens cover and body. It comes with a 512 Hz transmitter molded into the camera head pigtail. The rugged, lightweight, versatile frame has removable/extendable wheels, legs and handle for operating in confined spaces. It is available with an externally mounted footage counter with on-screen digital display. 423/256-3063;


Wohler USA VIS 350 Plus

The VIS 350 Plus visual inspection camera system from Wohler USA comes with a 1 1/2-inch, 360-degree-pan and 180-degree-tilt camera head, and a 1-inch, straight camera head. Both are waterproof and have bright LED lights with adjustable brightness levels for an all-encompassing view. Technicians can follow the camera’s path on a vibrant color monitor as it glides around 90-degree bends and up to 100 feet away. Its digital distance measurement feature pinpoints the exact location of trouble spots. It takes still photos and records video via SD card or USB port. It comes in a tough, self-contained carrying case with two rechargeable batteries, providing up to four hours of mobility. 978/750-9876;


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