Focusing on Customer Service Should Be Priority

Customer service plays a huge part in what type of reputation your plumbing company develops

We all have those busy times of year when your schedule is jampacked and you can barely keep your head on straight. How do you and your staff handle stress from being busy?

I saw this stress handled in two different ways recently. In one case, the person answering the phone for the company was pleasant, explained the company was quite busy, but was more than happy to add it to the schedule. The operator explained it may be a few days, weeks or more, but they would keep me updated along the way.

In the other call, an operator answered, conveyed clearly in their voice that they were stressed, was quick to note how busy the company was, said they couldn’t get anyone out for several months, and hung up.

How employees handle the stress of the busy season can make or break a company.


Whether you answer the phone yourself or have someone on staff do it, that person needs to be pleasant, able to handle stress and knowledgeable about the services provided.

Without those three things, it could welcome bad reviews, deter customer referrals or, worst, bring loss of revenue.

Ensure you have the right person answering the phone. If you know you get stressed and show it on the outside, maybe hand the phone over to your spouse or hire someone who can be levelheaded and help your company not scare away customers.


Having that cool-headed person taking the calls and working with customers will help build your company’s reputation. The customer will understand you are busy and work with you — as long as it’s not a big emergency — because they’ve heard good things about your company.

Reputation seems to be a theme in this issue. Anja Smith talks about how important online reviews are to plumbing companies in the Industry Insider feature. How do you entice your customers to leave those valuable reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List or other similar services? It’s important to start getting your staff trained to ask customers to complete reviews.

In our profile on All Drains Drain Cleaning and Plumbing in Middletown, Ohio, Duane Goodpaster has built a strong reputation for his company. Customers know the company can be a one-stop shop so they don’t have to reach out to multiple contractors.

Take a look at your company and determine if you can add services that customers have been begging you for to make it easier on them. Adding services will help you secure customers for even longer because they won’t have a reason to keep looking for other contractors.


It can be hard work to build and maintain a good reputation. You need to put in the effort to make it happen and to make sure you have the right employees and are teaching them how you want things done.

How are you building your company’s reputation? Do you have tips for our readers? You can email me at or call 715-350-8346.

Enjoy this issue! 


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