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Drain Cleaning

Cutter used to remove large root mass from condo’s storm drain

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Suitcase jetter gets restaurant drains flowing again

Problem: A restaurant chain local to the Orange County area of California was dealing with problematic drains in the kitchen. The drains kept getting clogged, and several plumbers were unable to keep the drains clear with traditional wire cables. Monthly servicing with the cables wouldn’t keep the drains clear. 

Solution: Ciro Plumbing was called in to get the drains flowing again and chose the Crap Shooter suitcase jetter from BullFrog Industries. “The BullFrog Crap Shooter was the perfect tool for the job,” says Ciro Montelongo, owner. “Its compact size lets me get into the site, quickly set up, get the job done and move on to my next call.” 

Result: “Not only was I able to make my customer satisfied, but I now have a contract to clean all six of his restaurants every three months,” Montelongo says. “The payback on the equipment was almost immediate — I was in the black after the first month.” 888-890-1555; www.flushafrog.com

Jetter helps solve blocked overflow pipe issue

Problem: Over 50 years’ hardened sediment and debris blocked a critical 5-inch overflow pipe beneath the artificial lake at Dospat Dam, Bulgaria, seriously threatening dam wall integrity and risking catastrophic failure. Construction of a new conduit proved unfeasible. The remote setting prevented use of heavy, trailer-mounted equipment. And the 460-foot line descended 2.5 percent to 157 feet beneath the dam wall through four tight bends to the outflow, making it extremely difficult to access the obstruction. 

Solution: Double D Engineering opted for a compact, portable water jetter, the JM-3080 gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring. The high-flow water jet is ideal for clearing 4- to 8-inch lines of grease, sediment, ice and other soft blockages. A 20 hp Honda engine with electric start provides 8 gpm at 3,000 psi. A 12-gallon buffer tank protects the pump when the water supply is inadequate. Vibra-Pulse propels the hose down long lines and around tight bends.

Result: The JM-3080 eventually helped clear what seemed like an impossible blockage. “We’re enormously pleased with the JM-3080’s portability, power and performance,” says Dimiter Dimitrov, company manager. 800-245-6200; www.drainbrain.com.

Cutter used to remove large root mass from condo’s storm drain

Problem: A Nu Flow Technologies certified installer in San Diego was called to investigate what was causing a 10-inch-diameter storm drainline at a condo to continually overflow every time it rained. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the 30-year-old line was severely intruded with roots that restricted the flow and caused the backups.

Solution: In order to remove the abundance of roots that had gathered in the pipes, they had to cut them out. The Pneumatic Micro-Cutter from Nu Flow Technologies was used to cut away at the roots. Once complete, the roots could be pulled, and the cluster was revealed to be 15 feet long.

Result: “After the roots were removed from the inside of the pipe, the customer decided to install a CIPP liner inside the storm drain to prevent any future roots from penetrating through the pipe. 800-834-9597; www.nuflowtechnologies.com


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