Pipeline Inspection, Location and Leak Detection

Pipeline Inspection, Location and Leak Detection

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System integrated in smart home

Problem: Gary Arch, owner of an insurance practice, lives in a house in Tustin, California. Arch has experienced water floods with extensive damages of more than $35,000 in the past five years in his 2,800-square-feet home. He wanted a system that’s able to prevent future leaks, and he wanted the water management system to be part of his modern “smart home” with little to no change in the infrastructure.

Solution: After lengthy research, Arch came across the Triple+ CLM system, which includes the Triple+ CLM Actuator installed on the main water pipe, and multiple flood sensors placed in locations where high risks of water floods may occur. When detecting water leakage, the water flood sensors communicate with the system’s HUB, which in Arch’s case was installed in his garage, resulting in shutting off the main water pipe. Arch called upon a licensed plumber to install the system.

Result: Being cloud-based, the system allows Arch to communicate easily with each component via the Triple Plus app. He gets notifications in case of an event or malfunction of any of the devices. The app also offers the freedom to control his system from anywhere. 844-729-8775; www.tripleplus.io.


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