Product Focus - July 2021

Product Focus - July 2021

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Access Panel

Oatey 14-by-14-inch  Plastic Access Panel

Oatey 14-by-14-inch Plastic Access Panels are used to allow access to plumbing, electrical wiring, security systems, telephone, computer cables and sprinkler systems behind walls and ceilings. The panels are constructed of high-impact ABS, have a flush or surface-mounted frame and install easily between wall studs or ceiling joists. The white panel can be painted to match the decor. 800-203-1155;


BainUltra BeOne

BeOne freestanding tubs from BainUltra translates the traditional Japanese-style bath into modern times. It is a tub built especially for one, with a compact design that requires little floor space, yet its deep bathing well with built-in seat allows a single bather to rest comfortably upright for a satisfying soak. The tub is offered as a soaker or with the brand’s Thermomasseur technology with up to 40 air jets and Geysair hot air system for a hydro-thermo massage. Other therapy options include WarmTouchShell, which radiates heat from three heating zones within the tub’s shell. The tub is crafted of 100% pure acrylic for durability and a long-lasting beauty that is easy to clean and maintain. It measures 46 by 39 by 30 inches, and is available in a glossy white, with options for a dramatic black and white finish or the brand’s Ultravelour matte finish. 800-463-2187;

MTI Baths Metro Sculpted Finish

Metro Sculpted Finish tubs from MTI Baths have a freestanding design that captures the elegance of minimalist design with crisp rectangular lines and a soothing absence of ornamentation. They are available in three sizes with lengths of either 60, 66 or 72 inches to best fit the available space. The tub is notable for its 11-inch larger extended deck on one side that provides a safe and convenient ledge for entering or exiting the bath. A solution for universal design applications, and it can also be used for mounting faucetry. Available as a soaker, air bath, with microbubbles or as a combination of the two, the tubs provide a comfortable bathing experience with a sloped backrest and ergonomic design for a blissfully relaxing soak. 800-783-8827;


Pipe Lining Supply  Quik-Coating System

The Quik-Coating System from Pipe Lining Supply applies resin to the cleaned surface to prevent future scale buildup inside the pipe. In addition to protecting the pipe from accumulating more scale, the system can address cracks and leaks, creating a new inner surface. The system also provides contractors with a unique skill that sets them apart from their competition and generates a new source of revenue. The system partners greatly with contractors using CIPP lining products by sealing the ends of the liner, as well as the branch lines where openings have been cut out. 888-354-6464;

Controls/Control Panel

FloLogic System

Demand for flow-based leak detection with automatic shutoff continues to increase, driven by insurance requirements and incentives. The FloLogic System is a commercial-grade plumbing leak detection, automatic shutoff device that protects homes and businesses from plumbing supply leak damage. It works in virtually all homes and businesses with 3/4- to 2-inch water service, offering real-time leak detection and flow notification abilities beginning at 1/2 ounce of water flow per minute, thanks to its EverWatch leak-sensing technology. When a leak is detected, the water is shut off automatically and the users receive an alert through a smartphone app. The FloLogic CONNECT module has a thermometer, allowing low room temperature alerts and automatic water shutoffs. All systems are equipped with battery backup for continued protection during outages. 877-356-5644;


Infinity Drain Next  Day Custom Linear Drains

Next Day Custom Linear Drains from Infinity Drain make perfect linear drain wall-to-wall installation a reality – without the wait. They are available in lengths up to 72 inches in two finishes, three grate styles and for all installation waterproofing methods. 516-767-6786;

Kusel Equipment KE Series

KE Series floor drains from Kusel Equipment provide an easy way to eliminate wastewater drainage problems. The standard 12-inch area drain is NSF certified and suitable for most common applications in heavy-traffic areas where a sanitary, durable solution is needed for debris content removal. The series also features highly customizable solutions for any environment in which sanitation, durability and accessibility are critical. Hundreds of thousands of configurations are available. 920-261-4112;

QuickDrain USA SquareDrain

QuickDrain USA’s SquareDrain point drain is an extension of the QuickDrain total shower solution. It combines fashion and function, helping homeowners, designers and installers create spa-like bathroom experiences with ease. The point drain system offers versatility and flexibility in design for both curbed and curbless applications, making it a suitable choice for residential and hospitality. Features include a universal-flange adaptor, making it job site-ready for new and retrofit applications like tub-to-shower conversions. It can be installed in two hours and includes an integrated quarter test plug, eliminating the need for extra testing tools and costs. Once installed, the drain system allows for easy maintenance with a debris basket and cover key included. 866-998-6685;


AD Waters OLI

Distributed by AD Waters, the OLI in-wall toilet carrier, offered for both floor-mounted and wall-hung toilets, is a suitable solution for sanity systems. Water-saving and UPC certified, they come with a chrome flush plate. Equipped with a protective box offering more depth, they allow for thicker wall finishing or remodeling without removing existent finishing. In addition, a protective plate is included which keeps condensation away from the flush plate. The carrier features a 1 9/16-inch continuous length front-to-back without product modification, allowing it to evacuate at an angle and a longer pipe length at 9 13/16 inches. The height can be easily adjusted between 0 and 5.9 inches and provides easy cleaning access around and beneath the toilet area. Ideal for small spaces, it provides a stud wall installation. 800-867-8484;


The PIONEER System from ENPRESS was developed as an environmentally conscious green product, wasting no water during backwash or regeneration of chemicals. It also successfully removes lead, cyst and poisonous chemicals PFOA/PFOS, and is installed where the waterline enters the customer’s home, business or restaurant. It is easy to install and can deliver peace of mind to customers. 440-510-0108;

Liberty Pumps 406  Series Drain Pump

The Liberty Pumps 406 Series Drain Pump provides the freedom to install fixtures where gravity drainlines are not available. For gray wastewater applications, it is suitable for basement bathrooms, laundry tray sinks, bar sinks, washing machines and other basement remodeling projects. The system arrives fully assembled and ready to install. It allows installation of a sink, washing machine, shower or other gray wastewater fixture in residential and light commercial applications, where the water needs to be pumped to an existing sewer line. It features quiet automatic operation, and at only 10 inches tall (from the base to the top inlet flange), its short profile is ideal for compact areas. Its float switch can be accessed and serviced without disconnecting piping, and its air-cooled motor includes thermal-overload protection for safety. 800-543-2550;

Saniflo Saniswift Pro

Designed to meet larger commercial and conventional residential drainage applications, the Saniswift Pro from Saniflo can handle gray water from up to three fixtures: sink, shower, dishwasher, or washing machine (via a laundry sink). The pump is encased in a robust, yet stylish, cube-shaped exterior that can be easily installed in hard-to-reach spaces, such as beneath a bathroom or kitchen sink. It is made of rugged, high-density polyethylene to resist corrosion from harsh chemicals. It stores no waste but uses a short-cycle motor to begin drainage immediately, while also keeping the basin empty during operation. To accommodate various retrofit applications, it will pump drainage 14 vertical feet and 140 horizontal feet, or a lesser combination of these two distances. 800-571-8191;

Pump Parts/Components

AquaMotion AMH2K-R

AMH2K-R hot water recirculation systems from AquaMotion can help save cooled water from being dumped down the drain while waiting for hot water. Government studies estimate the average waste to be 12,000 gallons per year per household with four taps. It can add up to 15,000 gallons for a large home with more than five faucets in use. For dedicated return-line systems, a stainless pump offers a 21-foot head at 16 gpm, Aquastat, timer, check valve and 10-foot line cord installs into the return line at the heater. This kit can work for large tanks and tankless systems and works for 600 feet of total pipe length. It meets CA title 24. On-Demand can be added for extra savings. 401-785-3000; 

Leonard Valve Model 170D-LF

The Model 170D-LF from Leonard Valve is a four-port POU valve designed with convenience in mind. The installing contractor can feed the faucet fixture with not only tempered water at ideal temperatures for hand-wash applications, but also cold water from the integral bypass feature which is incorporated into the design. For those installers who do not want the cold-water bypass, every valve is equipped with a bypass cap for easy shutoff capability. It comes with a tamper-resistant temperature locknut and is ASSE 1070 certified. 800-222-1208;

PRIER Products P-6IV

The P-6IV irrigation valve from PRIER Products comes with a built-in elbow that swivels to allow for easy installation and reduced cost for extra parts. It’s also designed with the homeowner and contractor in mind that allows servicing from the exterior of the structure, rather than entering the residence. It can be accessed from the outside, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to be home or provide access to the contractor for annual servicing. The heavy-patterned cast brass hydrant with a nickel-plated body looks attractive, resists corrosion and should last the life of the plumbing system when installed correctly. The valve also offers a triple-seal positive shutoff system. It is available in 12 lengths to suit a wide range of installation needs. 800-362-9055;

Viega ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve

Viega’s ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve ensures balanced domestic water recirculation by changing with varying conditions. It keeps water temperatures more uniform by adjusting flow with changes in temperature. The results are faster hot water delivery, minimized waste energy and water and less stagnation and chance of contamination. Temperature can be set once and be maintained automatically. Settings can be changed easily, if needed. It can be installed on risers or branches. Remote monitoring is possible with a temperature sensor. An optional thermometer provides visual indication of valve setting. Threaded ends allow use with ProPress or PureFlow fittings systems. It includes a bypass for thermal disinfection. 800-976-9819;

Wal-Rich Termination Screens

High-efficiency furnaces, boilers and water heaters use sidewall vents for “breathing” in outside air for fuel combustion, and “exhaling” cooled exhaust gases nearly depleted of heat. Because high-efficiency furnaces use sidewall vents, they are more susceptible to airflow blockages. The area around the sidewall vents should be clear of all airflow blockages for a minimum two feet in all directions. When air intake is blocked or hindered, fuel combustion suffers, and the furnace locks out. Care must also be taken to prevent bees, rodents, small animals and even leaves or debris from entering the pipe. That is what Termination Screens from Wal-Rich do, in a simple, easy-to-install design, fitting inside the hub of a pipe fitting. They are a round plastic frame (PVC, polypropylene, Schedule 80 CPVC), with a 304 stainless steel mesh. An important design feature is the channel on the bottom edge, which allows condensate to drain and prevents ice dams. 800-221-1157;



INABOX from AQUABRASS provides a complete, versatile and fully certified contemporary thermostatic shower system in one compact designed box, easy to carry onto any job site. It is available in three stock finishes — electro black, polished chrome and brushed nickel – and in four types of shower systems. The trim features an easy clip-on fastening system and a hidden 1 3/8-inch adjustment to fit any wall thickness, providing a quick and efficient access to the rough-in. It accommodates horizontal or vertical rough-in and trim installations. It also includes a choice of ceiling or wall arms, as well as two different hand-shower supports (rail and hook). The kit includes an oversized rainhead, ergonomic push-button multifunction hand-shower with a choice of three water jets: rain, massage and mist and an Italian-made thermostatic valve. 800-867-8484;

Omni Brass Siena  Offset Shower Column

The Siena Offset Shower Column from Omni Brass has a bend at the top to maintain a straight aesthetic when installed, which prevents the hose from dangling in front of the existing shower valve. The straight shower column allows the brass holding bracket to travel up-down about 30 inches. The diverter valve is closer to the floor for easy access and operation, especially for children and seniors. The column is oversized, longer and straighter to enhance its strength and style. It offers a comfortable blend of hot and cold water from the showerhead, and full access from a multifunctioning hand-shower wand. 905-760-9909;

Outdoor Shower Co. showers

Contractors face the dilemma of finding showers that will endure harsh outdoor environments such as freezing temperatures, salt water, consistent usage, and chlorine and meet plumbing codes. Outdoor Shower Co. offers durable, low-maintenance showers in several designs with multiple features and accessories. In addition to the 304 grade stainless steel showers, 316 marine-grade showers were added to the company’s selection to provide showers where modern designs and even more durability are preferred. These upright and freestanding showers are easy to install and come with instructions for winterization to prevent freeze damage. 866-746-9371;



The VINTERA farmhouse sink collection from BLANCO is a clean, contemporary version of the apron-front sink style with versatile installation capabilities. Farmhouse sinks are typically fitted as undermounts, but the unique design of this collection also allows for a seamless flush-mount installation. This installation option visually showcases a rim of SILGRANIT color around the top of the sink and is flush with the countertop. In addition to the flush-mount look, the series is designed to bring further installation benefits, as it fits into a standard base cabinet measuring the same width as the sink. This eliminates the need for custom cabinetry common with farmhouse sinks, making kitchen renovations easier for homeowners, designers and contractors. 888-668-6201;

Sump Pumps

Ashland Pump  sump pumps

Ashland Pump offers sump pumps in different options including the PS series, B series, the SPV series and sump basin package systems. They are built with corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum or rugged cast iron construction. All are equipped with permanent split capacitor, continuous duty-rated motors for higher efficiency. They have an upper and lower ball bearing design for longer life and smoother operation. The vortex impellers are made of thermoplastic or cast iron to better handle up to 1/2-inch solids. They have professional, contractor grade vertical or wide-angle piggyback float switches for quick and easy field servicing. Sump basin packages come complete with the sump basin, sump pump, check valve and discharge piping. They are suitable for new or replacement installations. 855-281-6830;

Franklin Electric  Little Giant 12E Series  

The Little Giant 12E Series 1/2 hp effluent pump from Franklin Electric is engineered for dewatering, water transfer and septic wastewater removal in the most challenging deep vault effluent applications. A cloverleaf intake allows for higher flow with 3/4-inch diameter solids handling and the rugged cast iron impeller delivering superior clog resistance. Surrounding it all is a heavy-duty epoxy-coated cast iron housing that stands up to the most extreme elements, including cold-weather climates where deep septic wells are common and high-head performance is required. Continuous duty-rated, the energy-efficient PSC motor also includes thermal overload protection for reliable performance. It is available in with either a manual (12E-CIM) or automatic (12E-CIA-RF) switch. 800-701-7894;


Fluidmaster Soft Spa 9500 Bidet

Designed to provide a more hygienic, clean and refreshing solution in the bathroom, the feature-rich Soft Spa 9500 Bidet from Fluidmaster comes with water temperature and pressure controls, adjustable dryer speeds, an ergonomic, temperature-controlled comfort seat, and features a sleek design that won’t shift under your bum. It includes automatic front and rear cleaning cycles with oscillation, water temperature and pressure control, adjustable dryer speeds and temperature control, control via push button at the bidet base or via wireless remote, deodorizer and push-button quick release for easy cleaning, and a night light and soft-close lid for round-the-clock use. It requires an electrical outlet to enable amenities. 949-728-2000;

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Viper

The plumber-friendly Viper collection from Gerber Plumbing Fixtures has expanded to include an efficient 0.8 gpf toilet. MaP Premium certified, this product exceeds all WaterSense requirements. It not only saves 33% more water compared to regular high-efficiency toilets, it’s 50% better than the national standard 1.6 gpf. It also earned an MaP rating of 800 grams and tested drainline carry of 44 feet. It includes a special trapway design, and Fluidmaster 400A fill valve with set-it-and-forget-it reliability. Available in both 12- and 10-inch rough-in configurations, the ADA-compliant ErgoHeight elongated bowl provides extra comfort and ease-of-use, as well as a standard height round front bowl that is perfect for confined spaces. The large 20 1/2- by 9 3/4-inch footprint is suitable for retrofits. It is available in white with a chrome-plated, top-mount flush actuator. 866-538-5536;

Niagara Shadow

The Shadow line of toilets from Niagara is the company’s most efficient luxury product category, and a fit for condos, hotels or hospitality. They are available at a higher price point in round, elongated and compact elongated bowls, ADA and standard heights and range between 0.8 and 1.28 gpf. This product line also contains Stealth Technology, flushes aup to 1,000g and is WaterSense certified. 888-733-0197;

SIMAS Rimless toilets

Made in Italy for the North American market, SIMAS offers a wide selection of products complementing any bathroom space. The rimless technology system is innovative due to the fact that it provides a superior high-performance flushing system available for both wall-mount and floor-mount toilets. This technology offers an all-around cleaner bowl, reduces splashing when flushing, is subject to less bacterial contact and leaves less residues behind. The rimless system can be found in a selection of toilets among the Bormio, Vignoni, Baden Baden, Flow and Arcadia collections. 800-867-8484;

TOTO USA Aquia IV  Arc WASHLET+ C5 Toilet

TOTO’s Aquia IV Arc toilet seamlessly connects with its WASHLET+ C5, leaving no protruding water or electrical supply connections. It offers a sophisticated transitional design statement with its elegantly flared tank. Its elongated skirted design is aesthetically pleasing and offers easy cleaning by removing the nooks and crannies where dust collects, while its slender tank gives it a heightened sensibility. Its DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system features two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action that reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner. Using only 1.28 or 1.0 gpf for the full flush and 0.8 gpf for the light, this high-efficiency flushing system is more effective in one flush than most toilets are with multiple flushes. Its modern, seamless concave rim design means that these high-efficiency toilets perform more consistently and are easy to clean. 888-295-8134;


Disston Tools BLU-MOL Xtreme QuickCore  Hole Saw System

Eliminate the wasted time and frustration of removing stubborn cores forever with the award-winning BLU-MOL Xtreme QuickCore Hole Saw System from Disston Tools. The QuickCore system provides a substantially faster core ejection versus conventional methods. The mandrel enables the user to quickly change hole saws, fitting all sizes from 3/4 to 6 inches. 800-272-4436;

Koul Tools EZ-ON  Hose Press 409B

The EZ-ON Hose Press 409B from Koul Tools installs 1/4- to 1-inch barbed fittings in a matter of seconds without heating the hose. It’s lead screw system requires only a ratchet or small impact gun to assemble hoses quickly and safely. Simply secure the fitting in the vice, clamp the hose in the traveling carriage, and turn the drive screw system to install the hose. 928-854-6706;

Magliner Powered Stair  Climbing Hand Trucks

Magliner Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks are perfectly balanced climbing machines with two speed settings and single-step and continuous-step modes. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, these battery-operated stair climbers will assist with safely transporting up to 725 pounds up and down steps. From boilers and large water heaters to water conditioning and HVAC systems, moving heavy, bulky items on stairs has never been easier. Folding handle models allow the operator to adjust the position of the handle to balance the center of gravity of the load, allowing the operator to maintain an upright posture while maneuvering loads. The optional fourth-wheel attachment allows the operator to let the hand truck carry all the weight when moving items long distances on flat, smooth surfaces. 800-624-5463;

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL ProPEX Expander

Milwaukee Tool and Uponor have partnered to deliver the M12 FUEL ProPEX Expander. Equipped with RAPID SEAL heads to seal faster at 45 degrees, the tool is part of a complete solution to provide consistent installations. Providing up to 35% faster connections, it has a POWERSTATE brushless motor, delivering sustained peak power even under the toughest conditions, and an extended dual-actuating trigger for better access in tough-to-reach workspaces. The expander comes standard with ProPEX Expander Heads with RAPID SEAL, designed to provide faster sealing connections in colder temperatures while maintaining the expected time to insert a fitting. It is equipped with an auto-rotating head for quick, uniform expansions and built-in LED lights allow for convenient operation. 800-729-3878;

RIDGID Telescoping Basin Wrench

The RIDGID Telescoping Basin Wrench incorporates a built-in, water-resistant LED light to illuminate dark, tight spaces and make undersink applications easier to complete. It’s telescoping design, featuring easy pushbutton activation and spring-loaded jaws of forged alloy steel, allows for fast, one-handed ratcheting. The tension plug holds heads in any position up to a 90-degree angle. The Basin Wrench features a large diameter rotating swivel T-Handle for comfortable gripping and easier access to tight spaces. The T-Handle is also removable and includes a 3/8-inch square drive connection to integrate with other drivers. 800-769-7743;

Walton REPS extractors

Heavy-duty Walton REPS extractors remove broken pipefittings quickly and easily, without costly damage to mating fittings. Made of hardened steel, they create a strong, four-point grip without hammering or pounding to pull out broken pipes, studs and screws with ease, then release instantly. They are available as sets or individual pieces for all classes of pipe sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches and stud/screw sizes from 3/8 to 3 1/2 inches. 860-523-5231;


Jones Stephens PEXALGAS

The Jones Stephens PEXALGAS system is an innovative PEX-AL-PEX solution that accelerates and simplifies gas piping installations. It has undergone years of rigorous performance testing and is approved for use with fuel gas (natural gas and LP gas). It’s certified to International Fuel & Gas Code, International Residential Code, and Uniform Plumbing Code and it meets ASTM and AS standards. Using press fitting technology, it is designed to save time and money on the job site. With steps as simple as cut it, ream it, push it, press it, the installation is approximately 50% faster than installing CSST. Plus, the coils are up to 50% lighter in material weight and materials savings are up to 60%. 800-355-6637;

Uponor PEX

Pre-insulated Uponor PEX is available for both potable-plumbing systems, with AquaPEX pipe, or hydronic systems, such as radiant heating or hydronic hot-water heating, with Wirsbo hePEX pipe. The offering includes insulation thicknesses from 1/2 up to 2 inches to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2016 energy code requirements. Plus, the solution helps support LEED and National Green Building Standard practices. It gives builders and homeowners increased confidence and peace of mind because the product resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup, while also offering superior flexibility for fewer required connections that can lower system performance. And because the solution is available in long, continuous coil lengths, it decreases the instance of job-site waste. 800-321-4739;

Water Heaters

Bradford White Water Heaters Aerotherm Series Heat Pump  Water Heater

The Energy Star-certified Bradford White AeroTherm Series Heat Pump Water Heater with 65-gallon capacity includes installation and servicing features valued by plumbing professionals and the energy and cost-saving benefits important to energy-conscious consumers. With top water connections and convenient height and weight, the heater is easy to install and maintain. It has four operating modes (heat pump, hybrid, electric and vacation) plus an integrated smart control panel, making it simple to change the temperature or mode. Standard water and electrical connections, quiet operation and an environmentally friendly profile add to the heater’s value. All heaters include Vitraglas lining, an enamel formula that provides superior tank protection from the corrosive effects of hot water. 800-523-2931;

Rinnai Hydronic Air Handler

The Rinnai Hydronic Air Handler connects seamlessly to select Rinnai tankless water heaters and I-Series Combi Boilers, delivering efficient home heating and simultaneous domestic hot water services through a single, complete system. When integrated with the company’s efficient tankless water heaters or boilers, customers can save energy compared to traditional furnaces. This holistic solution is easy to install, which is ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications. Not only is the product integrated in one system, but it is also customizable to fit specific installation needs for maximum efficiency and comfort. Models are available with or without an internal pump for easy connection with tankless water heaters or I-Series Combi Boilers, offering hot water and heat to the home. The air handler can also be configured to work with AHRI-certified cooling solutions, including indoor cooling coils and outdoor condensing systems. 800-621-9419;

Stiebel Eltron DHC-E Trend and Plus

DHC-E Trend and DHC-E Plus electric tankless water heaters from Stiebel Eltron feature the company's Direct Coil heating system that includes a self-cleaning element highly resistant to limescale, and capable of delivering fast heat up and ideal response to flow rate and inlet temperature fluctuations. There is no possibility of accidental dry-fire. Both models are available in a range of outputs from 3 to 14.4 kW. The DHC-E Plus also includes Advanced Flow Control that automatically delivers hot water at the set temperature even with a temporary overload. 800-582-8423;  


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