Product Spotlight: High-powered wet/dry vac mounts on construction-grade wheelbarrow

Product Spotlight: High-powered wet/dry vac mounts on construction-grade wheelbarrow

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Many plumbing and drain cleaning jobs require more power than a shop vac can offer. But the “step up” options for portable vacuum systems capable of maintaining high power while sucking up wet material are limited. Vacuum trucks and trailers provide the power, but not the portability, not to mention the price point to make most plumbers comfortable. Even the biggest, most powerful shop vac has its limitations. The Roll-n-Vac, though, offers the best of both worlds.

The Roll-n-Vac is the industrial extractor for tough jobs, according to its inventor, Ed Calafut. Simply placing the Roll-n-Vac unit on an approved 6-cubic-foot-capacity steel construction-grade wheelbarrow turns it into a commercial-grade wet/dry vac. It was an idea that Calafut initially dreamed up for the swimming pool maintenance industry.

“I knew technicians struggled picking up the wet muck and mud that ends up on the bottom of swimming pools,” he says. “Shop vacs just don’t have the power to handle that. The Roll-n-Vac, though, will suck 20 gallons of sludge up an 8-foot vertical incline in 8 to 9 seconds.”

The Roll-n-Vac provides suction that is so strong that it will implode lesser-quality wheelbarrows. According to Calafut, the lowest cost wheelbarrow that will not implode is the Jackson M6KBUT12 that can be bought reasonably off the shelf at Home Depot. Generally, these wheelbarrows come with only one wheel, so Calafut also recommends purchasing a two-wheel tire conversation kit available on Amazon.

“I overengineer everything, which included the feedback I gave the company that makes the motor for the Roll-n-Vac,” he says. “Every component is top of the line and maxed out on power with the goal of providing the most powerful wet/dry vacuum system possible.”

In addition to swimming pool maintenance, the Roll-n-Vac can be used in drain cleaning applications, and the addition of a high-powered pressure washer essentially turns the package into a portable hydrovac. The body of the unit is designed for fast, easy clean up, rinsing off easily. At a total weight of 42 pounds, it is easy for one technician to move. The package includes a 10-foot long 2 1/2-inch-diameter hose, two wands, three tools, a filter, and a 20-foot power cord.

“This is the portable wet vacuum system with the power and portability that contractors want,” says Calafut. 800-356-8059;


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