Product Spotlight - March 2021

Product Spotlight - March 2021

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Video inspection made easy was the thought process when Electric Eel engineered a system that streams directly to any mobile device. Designed for portability, the Electric Eel eCAM Ace-100 Micro Camera System is a complete package for quick, small-diameter pipeline inspections.

The Ace-100 Micro was built for pipes ranging from 1 1/2- to 3-inch diameter, and can provide inspections up to 100 feet in length. Weighing in at 15 pounds with an overall dimension of 10 inches wide by 12 inches long and 16 inches tall, the camera is easily transportable from job site to job site.

“Above all else, Electric Eel cameras are designed to be rugged and reliable,” says Mark Speranza, vice president of sales for Electric Eel. “The Ace-100 is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to operate. Simply turn on the camera and within 15 seconds you can be recording video to your phone.”

The unit is equipped with a 1-inch stainless steel camera head attached to 100 feet of 1/4-inch HPDE pushrod that is flexible enough to navigate through pipe with ease and even around 1.5-inch elbows. The camera is powered by battery using an 18V Milwaukee or equivalent battery, making operating in remote locations simple.

The system comes standard with a 512Hz transmitter and a resettable onscreen footage counter that can display in both feet and meters. The video is streamed live using a free app that is available for Apple and Android systems. All files are then saved to your device and can be transferred to customers or other devices via email, text or to the Cloud.

“Electric Eel cameras are thoroughly tested both in-house and in the field by actual customers before being put in the marketplace,” Speranza says. “When testing new products, our aim is to vastly exceed the sort of abuse our customers can inflict on the system to ensure that it will stand up to an average day on the job.”

Ideal for plumbers, the Ace-100 Micro also has practical applications in industrial settings such as factories and manufacturing plants. The Ace-100 was designed to fill the gap below the larger systems that can’t go into those tight areas and small pipes. And so far, customers are happy with it. Speranza says that feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, saying “Our customers love how compact, portable and long-lasting the camera is.” 



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