Prevent Flooding With an Always-On Leak Detection Tool

E-WATERBLOCK is a smart device that can detect water supply anomalies and block water flow, preventing damages and excessive consumption

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Prevent Flooding With an Always-On Leak Detection Tool

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ELTEK Appliance, an ELTEK Group product division, presents E-WATERBLOCK, a smart device that can detect water supply anomalies and block water flow, preventing flood damages and excessive consumption. The launch of this product comes as a natural evolution of the success of its flooding prevention device WATERBLOCK. 

Through the union of mechanics and electronics E-WATERBLOCK is capable of delivering top-notch efficiency and safety in preventing flooding, making it possible to save thousands of dollars in water leak damage. When a leak is detected E-WATERBLOCK shuts the water flow automatically. Its electronics allows it to detect massive leaks as well as micro leaks, not easy to find, as low as 0.026 gpm.

E-WATERBLOCK works in conjunction with ELTEK APP, a dedicated smartphone app, via a Bluetooth connection. With the app the user can configure the device according to its utilization, whether for example installed on a vending machine or a domestic appliance, both using preconfigured settings or completely custom settings.

The app also allows monitoring the water consumption with a history of up to 12 months, to optimize its usage.

When a problem occurs, E-WATERBLOCK immediately shuts the flow and a notification appears in the related device, signaling the nature of the problem. This allows for a prompt response without incurring in expensive damages.   

With ELTEK APP it is possible to connect multiple devices, making it easy to manage different machines and appliances in many situations.

E-WATERBLOCK is suitable for many applications, as it is a state of the art technology ideal for use in offices or public places where coffee, beverage, water or ice dispensers are installed, ensuring maximum reliability and protection from potential water damages. Residential applications with home appliances are also ideal for it.  

E-WATERBLOCK is very easy to install between the tap and the water inlet hose. It is completely stand-alone and does not require any professional tool, power connection or LAN connection setup. Its ease of use and its battery pack, which guarantees a life span of over three years, make E-WATERBLOCK the number one solution and the best life preserver against flooding.


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