Benefits on the Job Will Attract Employees

Offering different perks can help keep your employees around longer, and happier

The sight was impressive. A line of trucks from a local plumbing company ready to drive down the short road at the local park, followed by fire trucks, an ambulance and police cars.

All of them were there for a young girl celebrating her birthday at the park, and they were going to do a drive-by celebration. Besides the many trucks and plumbers, the plumbing company also had its mascot, a yellow duck, collecting balloons for the young birthday girl.

Why the large turnout of all the plumbing company’s staff? It was because the girl’s dad is a plumber with the company. That’s showing some employee support right there: all of his co-workers taking time on their weekend off to do that for his daughter.


Supporting and taking care of employees is important for any company to do. Not only does it build better working relationships between co-workers, but it also leads to happier employees. And a happy employee is less likely to leave the company, right?

Being that kind of employer doesn’t mean you have to attend birthday parties or graduation ceremonies. It can start right at the office. Look at Neuworks Mechanical in Fort Collins, Colorado, as an example.

The company — featured in this issue — has developed many ways to support its staff. You’ll read a little about Neuworks Mechanical’s recreation room at the office, complete with a pool table and beer tap (for after hours only), but it doesn’t end there. The company also provides strong 401(k), vacation and health care packages.

Offering those benefits, especially the last three, are a key way to lock in good employees. Those are things most people want in any job, and if those benefits are good, that will keep employees around for a long time.


There are many different ways a company can take care of its employees beyond the benefits. For example, show an interest in what they are doing outside of the business.

Are any of your crew members — or their children — on a golf league, bowling league or any other type of sports team that might be looking for sponsors? Offer to pick up sponsorship of that team. Not only does it show to the employee that you are taking interest in what they do, but it also gets your name out there in the community — it’s a sure win-win for all!


What does your company do to support you or your team? We’d love to share your ideas with others in the industry. Email me at or call 715-350-8436.

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