Industrial-strength drain opening

Industrial-strength drain opening

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There are plenty of liquid drain cleaning solutions on the market, but sometimes one with a little extra “oomph” is needed. RectorSeal, the maker of LiquidDrain, believes its drain cleaner is the right fit for the plumbing industry and should be in every plumber’s toolbox.

The company markets the commercial liquid drain cleaner as one that’s safer for the environment, service technician and plumbing system than other drain cleaners on the market, several of which contain caustic acid-based liquids. Despite its safe characteristics, though, the product is tough on stubborn clogs.

“Our product is more concentrated than other liquid drain cleaner products on the market,” says Jerry Tomasello, director of sales – plumbing for RectorSeal. “LiquidDrain is formulated for both residential and commercial drains.”

The industrial-strength, nonacid and nonflammable drain cleaner and opener is formulated exclusively for the plumbing trade and available from traditional plumbing wholesale distributors. The odorless, neutral-blue colored product’s penetrating sodium hydroxide, high-foaming action lifts and pushes contaminants and oxides from sewer and waste lines. It is designed to clear blockages containing drain-clogging paper, rags, sanitary products, sludge, soap scum, fats, wood, hair, food and difficult-to-remove cooking grease.

Combining LiquidDrain’s 1-quart contents with warm water flushes and solves most blockages within 30 minutes of application, according to the maker. It also helps avert blockages when used periodically as a preventive for working drains. It will not harm plumbing piping materials, such as cast iron, steel, copper, brass, lead and plastic or plumbing components, such as septic tanks, cesspools, drainage fields and leaching systems. According to Tomasello, a big selling point for the product is its minimal effect on the environment.

“LiquidDrain is a combination of strong alkaline liquid and environmentally friendly surface active agents,” he says. “Our in-house research and development chemical engineering department pooled their knowledge and expertise of over 80 years' experience formulating and developing this product.”

LiquidDrain is equally as effective as acid-based drain cleaners and includes a childproof cap that prevents tampering. Its foaming action provides proof that drain clearing is in progress. It is sold to wholesale distributors in cases of 12 bottles, with each recyclable plastic bottle designed for a single dose. 800-231-3345;


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