Hydronic Heating - ADEY Innovation MagnaClean DRX

The MagnaClean DRX magnetic dirt filter from ADEY Innovation provides a highly compact and cost-effective solution for removing debris and iron oxide sludge from commercial hydronic heating systems. It consists of an external magnetic belt containing high-performing neodymium magnets wrapped around a precision-engineered, stainless steel canister. As system water passes through the canister, iron oxide is captured by the intense magnetic field. Magnets remain outside the flow, so there are no internal sleeves or components that must be removed and cleaned. A thermal jacket is available to insulate the filter, retaining heat levels and reducing energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. It is available in 2-inch (with 48 magnets), 3-inch (64) and 4-inch (80) pipe dimensions, with the multiple magnets ensuring effective magnetite capture through the canister’s wall. 412-406-8292; www.adey.com.


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