Product Focus - January 2022

Product Focus - January 2022

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Bradford White Water Heaters Brute FT

Bradford White Water Heaters’ Brute FT wall-hung boiler and combination boiler/water heater has modulating technology that automatically adjusts fuel usage to match heat demand, saving up to 20% on heating utility bills. It is Energy Star rated for ultrahigh efficiency of up to 95% AFUE. It includes advanced, easy-to-use integrated controls with an outdoor reset, built-in gas leak detection and an integrated indirect tank for domestic hot-water performance. It is environmentally friendly with low NOx emissions and can be vented up to 100 feet in PVC, CPVC and polypropylene. It is available as a combination heat/water heater or space heating only, in either natural gas or propane. 800-523-2931;

Laars Heating Systems FT Series Combination Boiler and Water Heater

The Laars Heating Systems floor-standing FT Series Combination Boiler and Water Heater is a residential combination boiler that delivers uninterrupted home heat and on-demand hot water simultaneously. It employs an integrated domestic hot water mini-indirect tank to supply stable hot water on demand. Advanced smart technology coordinates uninterrupted space heating with domestic hot water demand and ensures continuing hot water supply for multiple heating events. It can deliver 6 gallons per minute of hot water in the first minute and 5.2 gpm continuous delivery at a 70 degrees F temperature rise. It is domestic hot water recirculation compatible, includes a built-in low loss header for ease of installation and includes a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger, top piping connections for flexible installation and large front access for service and maintenance. 800-900-9276;

Noritz Residential Combination Boiler

The Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB) allows for simultaneous residential, domestic hot water and space heating. The unit’s simultaneous capabilities are easy to control and especially beneficial for applications that do not store or deliver heat energy efficiently. Performing at a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), the unit is EPA Energy Star certified. Its 316L copper primary and secondary heat exchangers have high corrosion resistance. The unit can adjust to either PP or CPVC venting without the installer needing to make any programming changes. The venting can also easily be reconfigured to use room air. 714-433-2905; 

Flow-Liner Systems CIP-DUCT

CIP-DUCT from Flow-Liner Systems is a trenchless system that expands the benefits of CIP lining to include HVAC applications, specifically underground duct lining. It eliminates infiltration inside of pipes, conduits and ducts. The liner has an impregnable membrane that stops liquid and gas infiltration. Systems has been evaluated by IAMPO and found to be in accordance with Uniform Evaluation Service (IAPMO ER #484). It is engineer tested to a minimum life expectancy of 50+ years and helps protect against dangerous asbestos materials and mold growth. 800-348-0020;

ADEY Innovation MagnaClean Professional 2XP

The MagnaClean Professional2XP from ADEY Innovation comes with 1-inch copper and 1 1/4-inch NPT iron pipework, suitable for protecting 150,000 to 300,000 Btu boiler ranges from damaging black sludge, i.e. magnetite. The magnetic filter has a rare-earth magnetic core and two non-magnetic capture zones for capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic debris. Installed on the return pipe to the boiler/circulator, the filter contains no moving parts. It has bi-directional, 360-degree isolation valves meaning the filter valves can be rotated to adapt to pipework at any angle. The system can remain switched on while the filter is being serviced. 844-378-0442;

CORRO-PROTEC Powered Anode Rod

CORRO-PROTEC Powered Anode Rods stop corrosion, rotten egg smell and limescale buildup inside hot water tanks. They are a long-term solution that don’t require any maintenance. The power supply, plugged on top of the titanium anode rod, provides an electrical current that completely stops corrosion. With that unlimited source of protection, it can double the life of the tank and prevent unwanted reactions like the sulfur smell in hot water and limescale buildup inside the water heater. All anodes are designed to last over 20 years and are easy to install since they are only 12 inches long. 877-466-6660;

Supply Smart Clear Blue Advanced

With more and more people working from home, the demand put on home HVAC systems has skyrocketed. Cleaner air and HVAC efficiency are top priorities among homeowners and contractors alike. Clear Blue Advanced, a 16-inch germicidal coil cleaner from Supply Smart, utilizes natural UV light to safely improve both air quality and system efficiency. This product is easily installed by contractors into existing HVAC systems and is rated for up to 2,000 square feet. In addition to adding life to HVAC systems, it improves overall quality of life by destroying mold, bacteria and viruses as well as reducing allergens traveling through the air. This in turn minimizes related health issues, such as headaches, asthma attacks, allergies, sinus problems and fatigue. 800-631-7793;

Total Green Mfg. Waterless Geothermal

Waterless direct exchange (DX) geothermal systems Total Green Mfg. offer multifunction capabilities such as forced air heating and cooling, as well as a hydronic heating circuit. This added hydronic circuit can be used to provide 100% hot water, or to provide the comforts of radiant heat throughout the house. It can even be utilized as a comfort zone to heat a smaller area of the house such as the master suite. This refrigerant based (water-free) geothermal heat pump is an improved combination of many older DX geothermal designs that still capitalizes on the simplicity and efficiency advantages of using a copper ground loop. It features simplified refrigerant controls that deliver higher capacities, higher efficiencies and better reliability (even during extreme cold climate conditions). 888-678-2032;

Northwestern Ohio Foam Products BarrierEZ

The BarrierEZ insulated floor system is an integrated insulation and tubing technology that utilizes hook-and-loop material to secure the tubing to the insulation in one easy step. It combines the energy saving properties of foam coated with a vapor barrier loop film and a PERT tube covered with a hook tape that allows for rapid and secure placement of hydronic radiant floor heating systems. It was designed to simplify the process of installing tubing for in-floor hydronic radiant heat applications. It has an expanded polystyrene core, which insulates radiant heating projects from heat loss and retards moisture migration through concrete. The core has vapor retarding films bonded to both sides, as well as a self-taping edge and overlapping flange providing a seam free installation. 800-339-4850;

REHAU, Building Solutions Division RAUPANEL

The RAUPANEL panel system from REHAU, Building Solutions Division is suitable for residential retrofit applications in colder regions where mechanical system upgrades are needed to boost comfort and efficiency. A choice of 6- or 8-inch on-center spacing results in precise pipe layouts, creating an evenly heated home all season. The built-in air pocket and wide contact surface directs heat upward for efficient heat transfer and energy savings. Low fluid temperature requirements allow it to work with low temperature radiant heating and geoexchange systems for additional energy conservation. The 270-degree contact between pipe and highly conductive aluminum panel delivers quick response, enabling nighttime setback without sacrificing warmth. For homeowners who want radiant comfort without altering existing floor coverings, it elevates the performance over piping alone in joist-space applications. 800-247-9445; 

Asahi/America Asahitec PP-RCT

Certain challenges can arise during steel pipe installation and performance, including rust, corrosion, inefficient pumping, welding sparks, fire watches, and sometimes dangerous handling conditions. The Asahitec PP-RCT plumbing and HVAC piping system from Asahi/America can ease the challenges associated with the installation and process performance of steel piping systems. It will not rust, scale, pit, or corrode, and can provide 50 years of maintenance-free performance. Its smooth bore will maintain a pump’s maximum efficiency for the life of the system. It is one-quarter of the weight of steel pipe, making it easy to transport. Additionally, it can be easily fabricated and manipulated into position. The system is welded through socket or butt fusion welds that are fast and easy-to-make. Factory training and certification is available and convenient, allowing installers to make welds on the same day as they are trained. 800-343-3618;

Uponor PP-RCT

Uponor PP-RCT is a polypropylene pipe that is a lightweight, durable product that resists corrosion, rust, and scale buildup, making it suitable for mechanical HVAC piping applications, such as hydronic heating, hot water and chilled water. It provides elevated temperature and pressure ratings compared to PP-R piping products, allowing for use in a wider range of hydronic distribution applications. It features a middle fiber layer to limit expansion and contraction. The product is available in sizes from 1/2 to 12 inches. 800-321-4739;

Saniflo Sanicondens Best Flat

The Sanicondens Best Flat from Saniflo combines a condensate pump with pH-neutralizing pellet tray into a single, space-saving, environmentally friendly solution for today’s ultra-high-efficiency condensing equipment, both residential and commercial: boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other appliances. Condensing technology saves energy by maximizing the amount of heat energy transferred to the water during the combustion process. A byproduct of this high-efficiency process is water, or condensate, that tends to be acidic because of the chemical reaction caused by the heat of the gas burner. The higher the efficiency rating, the higher the acid level in the water runoff. It uses a built-in neutralizer to boost the pH of the acidic condensate before it can be discharged into a drainline, thus preventing corrosion. Its streamlined design incorporates two 1-inch inlets: one on the side and the other on the top near the neutralizer tray. 800-571-8191; 

Viega ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve

Viega’s ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve ensures balanced domestic water recirculation by changing with varying conditions. It keeps water temperatures more uniform by adjusting flow with changes in temperature. The results are faster hot water delivery, minimized waste energy and water and less stagnation and chance of contamination. Temperature can be set once and be maintained automatically. Settings can be changed easily, if needed. It can be installed on risers or branches. Remote monitoring is possible with a temperature sensor. An optional thermometer provides visual indication of valve setting. Threaded ends allow use with ProPress or PureFlow fittings systems. It includes a bypass for thermal disinfection. 800-976-9819;  


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