Toilet features a modernized look

Toilet features a modernized look

Toilet features a modernized look

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While toilets may have all looked the same years ago, that isn’t the case anymore. Now, if your client is going for a modern look, they have options, including the Avalanche Elite from Gerber Plumbing Fixtures. The toilet features a modernized contemporary design with a simple semiconcealed trapway, providing a more sleek, refined look, according to Lovin Saini, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures’ senior product manager.

“The trapway is built separately from the body by craftsmen who focus intently on the shape, diameter, angles and texture of this vital piece,” he says. “The simple concealed trapway makes the toilet easier and quicker to install. For installation, there’s no special hardware or bolt alignment required, there’s no interference with the water supply/angle stop and the seat can easily be installed before or after the bowl is installed. The design keeps maintenance low, makes it easy to clean, adds style and can instantly modernize any bathroom.”

According to Saini, the Avalanche Elite has one of the highest performing flushing systems on the market. The streamlined, compact intake and rim design helps channel water at a higher speed, which adds force to help scrub off stains and toilet paper. This flushing system also has 50 percent more line carry than the national standard, ensuring there are no hidden clogs under the toilet or in the pipes. The Avalanche Elite’s enlarged, rectangular footprint means it will cover virtually any old/dirty flooring or damage caused by the previous toilet — making it ideal for remodeling, renovation or replacement.

The Avalanche Elite series is available in three models — the ErgoHeight Elongated that stands at an ADA-approved 17 inches high and features an elongated bowl for added comfort; the ErgoHeight Round Front that stands at 17 inches high but comes with a round front bowl for smaller spaces; and the Standard Elongated that stands at 15.5 or 16 inches high and features an elongated bowl. All are available in either 1.28 or 1.6 gpf models, have a large 2-inch fully glazed trapway for clog-free waste removal, and extra-large dual fed siphon jets, which increase the force of the flush, clearing the bowl effectively. Their 3-inch flush valve provides maximum water flow and flushing power. A corrosion-resistant Fluidmaster flapper provides long-lasting operation and easy replacement, while a Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve provides durable, long-lasting anti-siphon operation and easy replacement. 630-754-0278;


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