Make the Right Fleet Tracking Choice

Follow these key points to make the best decision when selecting a GPS tracking system for your plumbing business.

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Selecting the correct GPS tracking solution for your plumbing business can be a tough decision. Establishing key concepts to consider, what features are most valuable to you, and the potential return on investment are all important factors in making the decision.

Key Concepts
There are many different GPS tracking options to choose from, so it is wise to identify the most basic components of your fleet that can be affected and would benefit from a GPS application. It is not just important to consider your business needs right now, but also what it will need down the road. This will help ensure that as your needs change and grow — with more service vans or a larger service area — the solution will be able to adapt and scale with you. It is critical to find a solution that will provide your management team with the most accurate data, a smooth implementation, and most importantly a significant return on investment.

Every fleet has different goals and challenges to meet, so take the time to determine what’s valuable for your business. Commencing the GPS tracking system buying process with a general idea of what your criterion is will keep you focused on what you really need and allow you to easily narrow down your list of potential providers.

Desirable Capabilities
Deciding what capabilities and features you need in a GPS tracking solution is the next phase of the decision-making process. Knowing what you would like to monitor within your fleet will help you establish the key functionality you require in your GPS tracking software. Many fleets, both large and small, will benefit from customized reporting capabilities, length of historical data retention, comprehensive alerts, and simple scheduling and dispatching as some of the core tracking features. Functionality, ease of use, accuracy of GPS data, quality customer service, and overall customizability are also characteristics that your GPS tracking provider should have.

The Greatest Return
If you are only looking to simply see dots on a map indicating the location of your service vans, the least expensive GPS tracking software may be the best route. Yet, if you are looking to get the most from your GPS tracking partner, you will want a solution that can help you squeeze the maximum return on investment.

It should not be the initial cost of the software that you worry about, but the opportunity cost. The advantages of choosing a valuable GPS tracking solution greatly exceed the cost savings from selecting a cheaper version. Quality GPS tracking is something that should be looked at as an investment in productivity and efficiency, not a simple and cheap solution.

Applications that are highly configurable and provide accurate reports, timely data and robust mapping capabilities will allow you to analyze a wide range of metrics to properly manage your plumbing fleet. Highly customizable alerts, reports and ease of administration will give you all of the tools you need to have a clear insight into the data, and will allow you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.

Apply these general strategies to your GPS tracking system search and you’ll be well on your way to making the right decision and taking full control of your fleet.

Ryan Driscoll is the marketing director at GPS Insight, a provider of GPS fleet tracking software for fleet-based companies. For more information, visit


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