Case Studies - March 2022

Case Studies - March 2022

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Pipe hanger with locking system prevents pipe movement failure

Problem: A Chicago resident had an underground pipe failure with the downspout and waste pipe connecting to the sewer. The pipe had moved and collapsed, causing flooding at the resident’s property and the adjoining neighbor’s property. The failure occurred because the original pipe had not been properly secured when initially installed. 

Solution: AT Water Plumbing dug a trench and removed the old broken and improperly installed pipe. New 4-inch PVC pipe was installed and secured using the PL-1111-V40 Large Pipe Hanger with Locking System from HAP System. The plumber secured the hanger to the concrete wall by drilling holes, setting anchors with 3/8-inch rod and then fastened the hangers to the threaded rods. The new pipe was secured to the hangers using the rod assembly.

Result: The pipe hangers provided AT Water Plumbing 

a solution to hold and protect the customer’s pipe, preventing future plumbing problems. 847-787-7777;

No on-site brazing or fire watch required on job

Problem: Pediatric Dental Health Associates in Chicago needed to add nitrous oxide and oxygen. Being on the 13th floor of a 42-story building posed many obstacles, particularly the use of a brazing torch in a building that is mandated as a flameless building.

Solution: All MediTrac straight fittings from Omega Flex were pre-installed to the medical gas outlets offsite and then bagged and sealed until ready for installation. On the Saturday of the install, the team from JPI MedGas arrived onsite with the prefabricated outlets and the MediTrac CMT tubing. The outlets were installed into the wall with minimal sheetrock removal. The tubing was then run from the manifold room up into the ceiling, where it split to run to the medical gas outlets in each of the two dental offices. The final connections were made and pressure-tested and the sheetrock was replaced.

Result: The use of flexible medical gas tubing allowed the project to be completed in one day rather than over more than six working days. The reduction in installation time was 80% compared to using traditional cleaned and capped copper — allowing the contractor a more efficient use of time and allowing the facility to return to normal operation with no closures or down time. 800-671-8622;

Lining system used to eliminate discolored water

Problem: A new 8-inch unlined steel water pipe was installed beneath the RT 18 bridge in Wilson, New York. The bridge and pipe cross Twelve Mile Creek, which flows into Lake Ontario. Shortly after commissioning the new pipe, it was found the conveyed water had interacted with and attacked the steel substrate, causing the water to turn red. Due to the location of the pipe, there was no way to bypass it and prevent the red water from flowing further along the distribution system. The city looked for a quick, cost-effective solution to completely eliminate the issue. 

Solution: Triton Lining Systems was contacted, proposing its spray-in-place process and NSF 61 certified, one-hour return to service, rapid-setting spray-applied polyurethane. The material was used to coat the entire interior surface of the host pipe, thus providing an impermeable, corrosion-resistant barrier between the conveyed water and the steel substrate, ensuring the red water was completely eliminated and preventing its return.

Result: Triton’s approach afforded an efficient, low site impact solution to the problem. The subject pipe was cleaned, dried, CCTV inspected, spray lined and reconnected in one day. There was no need to remove or replace the pipe to eliminate the red water issue. 407-928-9339;  


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