Plumber Product News: April 2021

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: April 2021

The Modular Pipeline Inspection System from Milwaukee Tool features 1080p high-definition, self-leveling camera heads that can zoom up to four times and pan, making it possible to see more in drainlines than before.

Milwaukee Tool Modular Pipeline Inspection System
The Modular Pipeline Inspection System from Milwaukee Tool features 1080p high-definition, self-leveling camera heads that can zoom up to four times and pan, making it possible to see more in drainlines than before. The system is built around the M18 500 GB Control Hub, compatible with either the 120- or 200-foot pipeline inspection reels. For viewing, recording, editing and sharing, technicians can choose between the M18 Wireless Monitor for simplicity and maximum durability, or a mobile device with the Milwaukee Pipeline Inspection app for clearer image and faster sharing. Equipped with an 800-by-600-pixel, 8-inch daylight-readable screen, the M18 Wireless Monitor provides a clear, sharp image whether on a roof or in a basement. 800-729-3878;

MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES Series
MicroSepTec added five additional sizes of its EnviroServer ES Series to NSF certification. The new sizes of the residential wastewater treatment system include: 5-foot-diameter ES6 (600 gpd); 5-foot-diameter ES4.5 (450 gpd); and 6-foot-diameter ES7.5 (750 gpd). The ES12 (1,200 gpd) and ES25 (2,500 gpd) are still available, but the 6-foot ES6 will be phased out. The EnviroServer ES residential moving-bed biological reactor is in a self-contained single tank, so it requires minimal excavation which reduces installation costs and it can be installed in lots with space constraints. The tank leaves a very small footprint, which can be camouflaged with flagstone, fake rocks, and more while maintaining easy access for future maintenance of the system. There are no large, unsightly boxes or lids visible in the landscape. The tank can also be installed in traffic-rated situations with minimal special requirements. 877-473-7842;

Rinnai Demand Duo R-Series commercial hybrid water heating system
Rinnai America created the non-condensing Demand Duo R-Series commercial hybrid water heating system to provide a quick and easy tank replacement solution to both contractors and end users. Its design connects easily to the existing 6-inch B-Vent, allowing for quick and easy replacement of standard-efficiency atmospheric tanks. Sold in 80- or 119-gallon tank options, the Demand Duo R-Series eliminates the need for new vent penetrations. The pre-installed drip leg and 36-inch Swivel-Flex Gas Line also creates material efficiencies and reduces install time with a pre-installed electrical junction box and duplex outlet. The digital controller, which comes with the product, also allows management of building recirculation without having to purchase an additional aquastat. 800-621-9419;

QuickDrain SquareDrain point drain
QuickDrain USA’s SquareDrain point drain is an extension of the QuickDrain total shower solution. The new SquareDrain combines fashion and function, helping homeowners, designers and installers create spa-like bathroom experiences with ease. The innovative point drain system offers versatility and flexibility in design for both curbed and curbless applications, making it an ideal choice for residential and hospitality. Features include a universal-flange adaptor, making it ready for new and retrofit applications like tub-to-shower conversions. It can be installed in two hours and includes an integrated quarter test plug, eliminating the need for extra testing tools and costs. Once installed, the drain system allows for easy maintenance with a debris basket and cover key included. 866-998-6685;

Navien NPE-2 Series condensing tankless water heaters
The NPE-2 Series from Navien is offered in four standard (NPE-S2) models up to 199,900 Btu/h and three advanced (NPE-A2) models up to 199,900 Btu/h. New high-efficiency features and technology include a turndown ratio up to 15-to-1, EZNav advanced multiline control with built-in intuitive software and easy-to-use Setup Wizard, increased 2-inch PVC venting length up to 75 feet, vent installation detector, built-in HotButton on-demand system controls, expanded cascade capability up to 32 units and expanded common venting capability up to 12 units. 949-420-0420;

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Lemora bathroom collection
Gerber Plumbing Fixtures launched the new Lemora bathroom collection. The line includes 12-inch rough-in one- and two-piece toilets, as well as faucets and shower solutions for a complete look. Some features include: WaterSense-certified 1.28 gpf toilet; a fully-skirted concealed trapway for a sleek appearance; 3-inch flush valve for maximum water flow and flushing power; ADA compliant; 2-inch fully glazed trapway for clog-free waste removal; ErgoHeight elongated bowl for comfort and ease of use; and Fluidmaster 400A fill valve for durable, long-lasting, anti-siphon operation and easy replacement. Faucets and shower solutions are available in brushed nickel, chrome and satin black, and toilets are available in white. 866-538-5536;

U.S. Boiler Alta gas-adaptive combi boiler
U.S. Boiler’s Alta combi boiler has a 10-to-1 turndown ratio. The high-efficiency condensing boiler offers gas-adaptive technology that provides a short installation time and low operating costs. The powerful gas-adaptive technology offers no-touch combustion setup, and there are no manual throttle or offset adjustments. Engineered for five-minute start-up, the boiler’s control system provides continuous, automatic self-calibration of burner combustion by adapting to component wear, variations in fuel, environment, and vent air pressure to provide safe, efficient and clean combustion at all times. At 95% AFUE, the Alta is currently available with 136 mBh domestic hot water input (3.7 gpm) and 120 mBh heating input. 717-397-4701;

Bradford White BMS-ready Commander Series
The BMS-ready Commander Series of commercial gas water heaters from Bradford White Water Heaters can now easily be integrated into Building Management System networks that monitor essential electrical, security, communications and other functions in large or multi-unit structures. BMS integration allows for real-time monitoring of water heater performance. Benefits include quicker turnaround and less downtime for maintenance and troubleshooting, which increases heater efficiency and limits the risk of equipment failure. 215-641-9400;

Flomatic Model 48 drain-back plug
The Model 48 drain-back plug from Flomatic is for submersible pump water well installations. The reusable plug is designed to drain the riser pipe, and is activated when a weight is dropped into the well drop pipe. The plunger is stroked by the weight and opens the valve, which returns to its closed position when the drop weight is removed. The Model 48 is NSF 372 certified, and it is designed in all-stainless-steel construction with Buna-N resilient seating. It can be easily replaced in the field, helps eliminate water splashing at the surface, and prevents potential cross-contamination of the water well. The spring-loaded valve threads into a 1-inch pipe tee. By utilizing the drain-back valve, the pulling of pipe and pump becomes much easier and safer, reducing the pulling weight between 20 to 50%. 800-833-2040;


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