Case Study - August 2020

Case Study - August 2020

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Leveraging solid franchise systems with responsive software

Problem: The COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Zoom Drain Franchising Co. had to respond fast. The office crews headed home and needed updated procedures for customer service and job workflows. Objectives included remaining safe and solvent. That meant mitigating the spread of disease to team members and customers and keeping their essential workers working.

Solution: “We store our operating manuals in Google Drive. We consulted our human resources professional and the CDC and government guidelines,” says Jim Criniti, owner of Zoom Drain PA and CEO of Zoom Drain Franchising Co. “Because we already have extensive procedures, we just needed to add COVID-19-specific items. Our ServiceTitan software made a big difference when it came to implementing the new procedures. We incorporated the procedures into forms in ServiceTitan. That allowed us to put the scripts and checklists right into the workflow.”

Result: “We didn’t skip a beat,” Criniti says. “The procedures were stitched into the software. Across our 18 locations, service coordinators, dispatchers and service techs were required to use the new scripts and contactless procedures before they could click through to the next screen. It made training and accountability so much easier. Septage is always dangerous, and Zoom Drain understands the importance of cleanliness and safety. The COVID-19 environment requires an extra level of protection for employees and clients. ServiceTitan embraced the new normal head-on and helped us stay safe and keep working.” 877-855-5100;


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