Case Studies: Filters Save Failing Onsite Systems

Case Studies: Filters Save Failing Onsite Systems
Multi-stage filter system installed on small restaurant site

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Multi-stage filter system installed on small restaurant site

Problem: A pizza restaurant on Chincoteague Island, Va., wanted to repair an existing failed wastewater system. The site, located along the main tourist corridor, had limited space, so sizing and performance were a major factor in choosing a repair product for their 585 gpd system.

Solution: A code-complying conventional gravel system would not fit on the site. Tom Neilson, PE, chose the Virginia GMP 135.A-approved Mantis M5 system from Eljen Corporation due to its increased surface area, multi-stage filtering process and equivalency sizing credit. The system design was approved by the Accomack County Health Department and installed by Boggs Water & Sewage Inc. of Melfa, Va.

Result: The installation was quick and the repair successful, allowing the restaurant to get back up and running before the busy tourist season. 800/444-1359;

Vent filter eliminates septic odors

Problem: After installing a new septic system, a homeowner in Lake Mohawk, N.J., complained of odors in his yard. The contractor installed residential vent odor filters on the tank vent on the roof vents. The filters improved but did not eliminate the problem. The contractor reviewed the problem with Simple Solutions and determined the problem was tank vent airflow exceeding typical levels. The home is built into the top of a hill, and the holding tank is located at the bottom of the hill. The discharge pipe is approximately 75 feet long and drops approximately 15 feet. The modules are located on the side of the house above the holding tank. Water was running into the tank either from one of the home appliances, or from feed lines when the discharge pumps were turned off.

Solution: Simple Solutions Distributing recommended the contractor replace the vent filter on the discharge tank with a larger solar-powered Super Wolverine vent filter. The Super Wolverine can eliminate odorous airflows up to 10 cfm, and the solar fan actively vents the tank, reducing accumulation of sewer gas.

Result: The odor problem was eliminated and the customer can enjoy his lake home without nuisance odors. 866/667-8465;


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