Service Vans, Fleet Management

Service Vans, Fleet Management

Business cuts unnecessary overtime with vehicle tracking

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Application leads to more follow-up communication

Problem: Josh Cate, a service business owner in Knoxville, Tennessee, needed a better way to follow up with his customers on quotes. As a business owner and tech, he just didn’t have the time to follow up multiple times on each quote he sent out or hunt down customers to gauge their real interest. He knew he was leaving money on the table with each unanswered quote, though.

Solution: Cate began using Closing Commander, a mobile and desktop app that allows service business owners to automate follow-up communications by sending real emails from users’ actual G Suite company email account or Gmail addresses with a real signature and no “unsubscribe” message at the bottom. This authentic and genuine communication leads to over 20 percent follow-up conversions because of the proven Rule of Seven Touches.

Result: “The emails look like they come from me — because they do!” Cate says. “I’m seeing a lot more interaction and interest from customers now — like 80 percent of them are responding, which never happened before. This app is excellent! Eye opening!” Cate believes Closing Commander has made all the difference in his follow-up approach with customers, closing more business with less effort. “We load every sales estimate into Closing Commander now and have completely written a new standard operating procedure for our sales estimates.” 855-646-3538;  

Tracking program monitors location, fuel usage

Problem: Plumbing & A/C Medic in Gilbert, Arizona, needed to improve the time management and accountability of their mobile workforce. Since their techs are spread out all over the Phoenix metropolitan area, they had no way to know what they were doing in between jobs. They also sought to eliminate fuel card fraud. 

Solution: GPS Insight displays the locations of technicians and their estimated arrival time for the next job site on easy-to-read maps. To raise employee accountability, GPS Insight established odd-hours alerts to notify management of unauthorized usage of company vehicles.

Result: Having the ability to locate any vehicle in real time has provided better visibility and peace of mind. “We were able to identify one of our technicians using a company vehicle to cross state lines for personal use,” says Tami Gurka, Plumbing & A/C Medic dispatcher. “We received an odd-hours alert in the middle of the night that one of our vehicles was moving in another state.” It monitors fuel usage by integrating WEX fuel card data to monitor all fuel card purchases. It also makes dispatching simple by eliminating time that would have been spent on the phone trying to figure out technicians’ current locations. “On average, I would make 150 calls per day, and now, I make virtually no calls because most communication is done through GPS Insight,” Gurka says. 866-477-4321;

Trucks provide quality and peace of mind to maximize uptime

Problem: Ian Kennedy, president of Smith Plumbing, recognized that his fleet of five trucks was wearing down. The mix of cutaway vans and trucks had aging bodies and every week or so, one would be in the shop for a major repair or regular maintenance. The downtime coupled with maintenance costs were multiplying and affecting the stellar customer service the company has been known for.

Solution: Kennedy approached his local Isuzu Commercial Truck of America dealer after seeing a service body on the lot that worked nicely for a plumbing truck. After reviewing the truck, he found out about the three-year unlimited mile warranty, a comprehensive Priority Service Maintenance Program and learned that the dealership’s service department has extended hours with an after-hours drop-off. Smith Plumbing committed to replacing their fleet with Isuzu trucks to capitalize on the benefits of the newer trucks and low ownership cost.

Result: “It has been better than I could have imagined. These trucks are very dependable and the dealership has been easy to work with, making sure the new trucks and bodies are to Smith’s custom spec,” Kennedy says. “Now I have a recognizable fleet that catches the eye of new customers with fresh graphics and a uniform look. Plus, customers welcome the professional look of the trucks and are quicker to trust our services when we estimate their job. These trucks have not only eliminated the maintenance costs of the older trucks, but have grown my business; and I’m looking to add another truck by the end of the year.” 866-441-9638;

Business cuts unnecessary overtime with vehicle tracking

Problem: Tina Kaiser, office manager at Meadow Services, wanted a better way to deal with the time management issues of her remote workforce. “Crews were taking too long in the morning to get to job sites,” she says. Some crew members were also making unauthorized personal stops during working hours. After that, she decided she needed a better solution to monitor the effectiveness of her crew.

Solution: Kaiser wanted to make sure that the work could be done on time, speedily, and within budget, so she turned to Quartix vehicle tracking system for help. Quartix offered a solution that included not only real-time vehicle tracking, but also daily driver logs with detailed activities of start, finish times, routes taken and driving style.

Result: “I have seen a lot of overtime that was unnecessary being saved for my company,” Kaiser says. “At the end of the week, I can compile a spreadsheet to compare actual time that the job took with what our crews say the hours were to complete the job.” With the system, she could see drivers’ exact routes and stops on their way to job sites, as well as reports to help drivers modify their driving behavior. “Because our crews knew that they were being monitored, jobs were getting done on time and faster,” she says. 312-494-3454; 


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