Hybrid water heating for commercial applications

Hybrid water heating for commercial applications

Hybrid water heating for commercial applications

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Tankless water heaters provide their share of benefits. They are typically more energy efficient than tank units while providing a continuous supply of hot water, which is ideal for filling a big hot tub or a whirlpool. They’re also more compact than a standard water heater and mount on a wall. However, the primary disadvantage of on-demand or instant hot-water heaters is that they don’t produce enough hot water to serve most households or commercial applications. Rinnai America’s Demand Duo 2, though, capitalizes on the benefits of a tankless system while eliminating the disadvantages.

The commercial hybrid water heating system is designed to replace a standard tank. Featuring a part-tank, part-tankless design, it offers the best of both technologies in a quick and easy upgrade that delivers an endless supply of hot water. Building off the success of Rinnai America’s current line of commercial products, the Demand Duo 2 combines the hybrid technology of the Demand Duo product family with the redundancy and performance of its commercial rack systems — featuring a 119-gallon storage tank along with two CU199 Rinnai tankless water heaters that work together to provide a large supply of instant hot water. 

“We’ve already seen a huge amount of success with the Demand Duo line,” says Dale Schmitz, marketing manager at Rinnai America. “The great thing that the Demand Duo 2 does for us is that it allows us to scale up that technology and offer a solution that works for commercial customers who have higher hot-water demands.”

The Demand Duo 2 is simple to install and keeps pace with an establishment’s hot-water needs — from brief, high-spike draws to a supply that is ready to go the distance, day in and day out. Because its heat source is placed outside the tank, it actually offers more water heating capacity than traditional units. Furthermore, the removal of the heating element from inside the tank eliminates thermal stress on the tank itself, lengthening the life of the unit and its ability to consistently output hot water. 

In addition to its built-in redundancy and strong performance, Demand Duo 2 offers lower operating costs, easier serviceability and maintenance. The system is also lighter and takes up less space than conventional water heaters, requires no ASME certification or inspections and has multiple venting options. 800-621-9419; www.rinnai.us.


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