Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Boilers

Product Focus: Hydronic Heating Systems – Boilers

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Bosch Thermotechnology Greenstar
Greenstar gas-condensing boilers for residential applications from Bosch Thermotechnology are available in floor-standing versions for all eight regular (heat) and combination (heat and hot water) models. With a sleek appliance-like design and small footprint, they are ideal for use in applications where wall-mounting options are not available or a floor-standing unit is preferred. They are fully modulating condensing boilers that are CSA and ASME approved. They carry an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating of 95 percent. All eight floor-standing models retain the same boiler control and heat exchanger offered on existing wall-mounted boilers, and offer both room-sealed and open-flue options. They are ideal for heating and domestic hot water applications, including radiant heating with panel radiators, for use in small studios to full-size homes. 800/283-3787;

Infloor Heating Systems Radiant Trak
Radiant Trak under-floor hydronic radiant heating from Infloor Heating Systems has high-quality extruded aluminum plates that provide maximum heat transfer between the plates and the subfloor, and make installation easier. It can be used for floor warming or primary space heating, and is versatile enough to be used in most applications and with all floor coverings. It is easy to install with pre-drilled plates placed between the joist spaces on the underside of the subfloor, and C-Channel construction enabling tubing to be snapped into place after the plates are secured. It is most commonly found in retrofit applications and can be divided into zones, can eliminate ductwork and wall registers, and can be powered by a gas or electric boiler, with additional solar thermal options available for increased energy efficiency. 800/608-0562;

NAVIEN NHB heating boiler
The NHB (NAVIEN Heating Boiler) Series from NAVIEN is available in four sizes – NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB-110 and NHB-150, with turn-down ratios of 7-to-1, 10-to-1, 11-to-1 and 15-to-1. The 15-to-1 TDR in the NHB-150 is achieved with the burner system that includes a dual venturi gas delivery system. They carry the Energy Star 2015 Most Efficient rating, and include smart control features that offer an opportunity to achieve a true high-efficiency installation. 800/519-8794;

Runtal North America Flow Form
The sleek and functional design of the Flow Form from Runtal North America presents the nostalgic charm of early industrial design and a modern twist to contemporary design. They are ideal for uses in lofts, studios and galleries, or rooms where a deliberate design statement is desired. They are available in several sizes and finishes in both hot water (hydronic) and steam heat models. 800/526-2621;

Taco Hot-Link
The Hot-Link from Taco requires only a quick, easy retrofit using existing plumbing. The domestic hot water recirculation solution is specifically designed for instant hot water comfort, significant water savings, reduced energy consumption, user convenience and no callbacks. 401/942-8000;

trutankless water heater
The trutankless electric tankless water heater utilizes incoloy alloys to ensure consistent, reliable performance for 20 years or more. Each unit comes with built-in breakers and multiple wiring configurations, and has a self-flushing design that eliminates most maintenance requirements. The unit has an online control panel that allows users to remotely control water temperature, obtain service notifications and monitor usage from a computer or smart device. In the event of a leak or service disruption, the water heater will shut itself off and notify both the user and the service professional that a service appointment is required. It has comfort and economy modes, and load-shedding capabilities help conserve power. 855/862-8987;

Watson McDaniel Co. Heat Miser
Heat Miser steam to hot water heater packages from Watson McDaniel Co. are a compact, instantaneous and healthy solution to meet hot water demands. Adding an instantaneous hot water heater to a facility can save space, provide controlled and instant heat on-demand, optimize energy efficiency, and reduce health risks. They help combat common corrosion and leaks, excessive energy usage from maintaining tank temperature and radiant heat loss, and health risks associated with the growth of Legionella and Pneumophila bacteria. 610/495-5131;


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