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Septic and Sewer Systems

Unit provides solution for convenience store chain.

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Unit provides solution for convenience store chain

Problem: A mid-Atlantic convenience store chain had drainfield failure at close to all of its stores being served by onsite systems. Since initial permitting, they went from a traditional grab-and-go that offered handmade sandwiches to a full food service menu, introduced a line of 12 coffee decanters (that must be dumped every 4 hours), baking in-store bread, making smoothies, soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, all while disposing of substantially more disposable wipes, installing low-flow fixtures and moving from chlorine to quaternary ammonium for disinfection. The client was unwilling to change standard operating practices for stores with onsite systems, so the client needed systems to meet the needs.

Solution: Hoot Systems collaborated with the maintenance providers and engineers on developing modifications to dosing times of the equalization tank, automating the aeration system to vary carbon dioxide delivery based on wastewater strength and calibrating cycle times to ensure proper retention intervals in each stage of the treatment process. In addition, they stabilized alkalinity using pH boosters, added specific chemicals to the neutralize disinfectants and used carbon for the completion of the nitrogen-reduction cycle.

Result: With the redesign and operational modifications, Hoot Systems and the collaboration team brought these decentralized wastewater systems into compliance without changing the owner’s day-to-day standard operating procedures. 888-878-4668;

Passive treatment unit used to replace failed system

Problem: A failed sand filter overboard discharge system on a shoreline needed to be replaced in Southport, Maine.

Solution: With the suggestion of the installer, the site evaluator decided on placing EnviroFin onsite treatment system from Presby Environmental Inc. (PEI) in the same location as the previous sand filter system, as the sand was of the quality needed for the EnviroFin system. The treatment system is 100 percent passive and treats the effluent better than NSF Standard 40 standards. The installation includes two EnviroFin units at 270 gpd.

Result: The customer has the benefits of a treatment system without the large expense, maintenance contracts or electricity. 800-473-5298;


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