Product Focus - August 2020

Product Focus - August 2020

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GPS/Fleet Tracking

ClearPathGPS Owlcam+ 

ClearPathGPS’s dash camera solution from Owlcam+ detects impact or broken glass events when a vehicle is off. Because there’s no SD card, there’s no way to tamper with the footage. Video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of evidence in the event of a claim. Twenty-second video clips can be requested from within the portal and stored in the media manager for 30 days or downloaded locally for sharing/storing. Event snapshots can be sent by the driver to the portal by saying, “OK, Presto” and can immediately be viewed remotely by the fleet manager. Its 4G LTE connectivity means cloud upload of critical clips and remote viewing is possible even when the vehicle is off. 888-734-0384;

GPS Fleet Consulting SafeFleet dashcam/GPS

The SafeFleet dashcam/GPS combo unit from GPS Fleet Consulting is designed to provide important benefits to any business running a fleet of vehicles. The easily installed hardware provides location updates and event-based video recordings in near real time. The data can be viewed from a computer or through a mobile device. It helps protect billable time against customer disputes and provides accurate accounting of hours for payroll, real-world examples for coaching against risky driving behaviors and protection against frivolous claims. It can help reduce the risk and cost of accidents, decrease idle time and help with proactive vehicle maintenance. It includes advanced vehicle diagnostic sensors and a safe driving rewards program. 800-609-7935;

Lytx fleet tracking service

Video-enhanced GPS fleet tracking service from Lytx allows plumbing businesses of all sizes to gain new levels of visibility into their fleet to help meet customer demand for fast, accurate and seamless service while optimizing operational efficiency. It is integrated with video to help business owners efficiently manage and monitor their assets in the field, both in real time and up to seven days in the past. With fleet tracking, users can access fleet status, keep plumbing technicians on schedule, improve time to service, and review and search driving video for a complete, easily accessible picture of their fleet performance. With fuel and maintenance insights, owners can also monitor inefficient vehicles and drivers to optimize fleet operations. With the visibility provided by fleet tracking, plumbing businesses can improve their customer service and maximize efficiency and productivity, resulting in a business that runs as smoothly and profitable as possible. 866-419-5861;

NexTraq software

NexTraq software provides driver assignments that keep track of who is driving a vehicle on any given day. It can optimize daily planning, help drivers accomplish more during the day and provide fleet tracking to find the location of a single vehicle or the entire fleet. Mapping and geofence service creates locations and zones with simplified 32-point geofencing. Sensors and asset tracking allow operators to know when a driver uses a lift or an asset has been moved. Behavior tracking can help correct poor driver habits with tools available to coach the team. It also helps automate maintenance schedules and gives alerts when repairs are due. Driver accountability can be increased with external- and internal-facing cameras. It can also help simplify electronic logging device compliance, operations and fuel management. 888-251-6401;

Quartix vehicle tracking system 

The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for trucks, coaches, vans and cars throughout the U.S., U.K. and France, the system offers a host of features for fleet managers. It helps analyze data, generating simple-to-use reports that can be accessed online. Live tracking, driver time sheets, geofencing and management dashboards allow managers to easily see where efficiencies can be made. Driver League Tables and individual driver reports help to assess driving style, which if improved can save businesses up to 25% in fuel consumption, as well as positively impact the safety of road users. It offers tiered packages to help businesses identify their best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks. 312-800-9882;

Business Software


FastPIPE mechanical estimating software from FastEST can help streamline the estimating process and improve a company’s bottom line. All the company’s estimating programs come standard with a full, comprehensive material cost and labor database. The software includes on-screen takeoff, premade assemblies, a large catalog of items and quick reports for efficient and accurate bids. With affordable purchase and lease options available and online training included, the estimating programs are designed to be efficient and user friendly. Customer service is available to provide extra support or help when needed. 800-828-7108;

McCormick Systems plumbing and mechanical estimating software

McCormick Systems plumbing and mechanical estimating software with Design Estimating Pro provides contractors with the tools needed for a fast estimate, PDF takeoff and design-build in one estimating program. It includes a database complete with items, assemblies, labor units and material pricing, with estimators that can create an instant material list and professional final bid by simply clicking. Contractors measure pipe, count fixtures, create custom symbols and design-build directly onto the PDF drawing in a fraction of the time and training it takes on a CAD program. The software additionally incorporates the must-have feature of a work breakdown structure so the contractor can easily manage the project to completion after being awarded the contract. Contractors can estimate and design-build at the same time, all within one program. 800-444-4890;

My Service Depot Smart Service

The Smart Service software system from My Service Depot functions as a direct add-on to QuickBooks, adding scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer management. It offers real-time integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their customer base using their preferred QuickBooks platform. It empowers field service companies to streamline their operations. When a customer calls, an office dispatcher will create a job in the scheduler, filling in job notes and assigning the work to a field technician. That information gets sent out electronically to the corresponding technician’s phone or tablet. When that tech arrives at the customer’s location, they’ll build a digital work order, collect a customer signature and send the completed paperwork back to the office for invoicing. 888-518-0818;

ServiceCore software

ServiceCore software is a QuickBooks-compatible, all-in-one software solution custom-built for companies in the service industries. Through route optimization, scheduling, customer management, accounting and other fundamental features, it is designed to help companies better manage their schedules, customers and inventory. 844-336-0611;


Rooter-Man Franchise System

The Rooter-Man Franchise System offers a low-cost solution to franchise ownership, with a flat-rate pricing system (no royalty on percentage of sales). Franchisees are granted an exclusive franchise license for their chosen territories, and they become part of a team of independent dealers working together under a nationally branded website and recognized trademark with proven systems for success. It has been named the top plumbing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine 15 years in a row. Franchisees receive equity in the national brand by receiving exclusive use of the trademark in their territory. 800-700-8062;

Service Van

Pipe Lining Supply MicroShop 

The MicroShop on-wheels service vehicle from Pipe Lining Supply is built for the plumbing and drain cleaning industry. The vehicle contains all of the equipment needed to clean drains, coat drainpipe (Quik-Coating) and line sewer pipe (Quik-Shot), including all materials and supplies held in a footprint of 6.5 by 12 feet. The unit has onboard 3,500-watt power inverter, hoist, 70 cfm compressor, calibration roller table for wetting-out a liner, as well as shelving to hold materials. The unit allows the operator to park in an urban standard parking space, perform the work and leave without finding staging areas or special parking permits to complete jobs. It is capable of lining 600 feet of pipe from the van. 888-354-6464;

Shelving and Bins

Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT modular storage system

The PACKOUT modular storage system from Milwaukee Tool has a quick-attachment mechanism that gives users the freedom to stack and lock toolboxes, organizers, totes and bags of different sizes in numerous configurations that best suit their needs. The mounting plate provides users the ability to stabilize and secure their storage in the shop or in a vehicle. The mounting plate is constructed with impact-resistant polymer and has metal-reinforced mounting and tie-down points that allow it to support and secure 100 pounds of weight on the floor and 50 pounds on the wall. 800-729-3878;

Ranger Design lockers and workbenches

Ranger Design’s lockers have been updated with new black end panels. The width has increased by 2 inches to add extra storage space, and the install brackets have been updated to newer and tougher versions. For both the new lockers and workbenches, the doors have been standardized to match the shelving doors. This helps reduce inventory and makes install simpler for both our customers and distributors. The end panels on the aluminum workbenches have altered slightly to accommodate updated brackets. 800-565-5321;  


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