Case Studies: Service Vans, Fleet Management, Franchises and Software

Case Studies: Service Vans, Fleet Management, Franchises and Software
GPS tracking program monitors location and fuel usage

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Plumbing company uses GPS to improve time management and accountability

Problem: A Phoenix-based plumbing service needed a way to monitor fuel usage, know when and where their technicians were filling up on fuel, and how many miles were driven to ensure all purchases were legitimate.

Solution: GPS Insight’s telematics, tracking and fuel card integration helped solve this company’s business challenges of fleet visibility, accountability and efficiency. Live mapping and ETA features, plus the ability to locate any vehicle’s location in real-time, provide better visibility over expensive equipment and parts in the field. This company was able to identify one technician using a company vehicle to cross state lines for personal use by way of an “odd hours alert” in the middle of the night that one of the vehicles was moving in another state. By using GPS tracking to identify and correct this behavior, plumbing fleets can hold employees accountable and ensure company vehicles are only used for business purposes. By integrating fuel card data into GPS Insight’s platform, companies can easily monitor all fuel card purchases and make sure fuel purchased and miles driven match up to ensure all purchases are valid.

Result: GPS tracking can be used to solve many of the challenges faced by plumbing companies, allowing them to worry less about inefficient fleet operations and focus more on other aspects of their business. 866-477-4321; 


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