Plumbing Manufacturers International Updates Codes and Standards Course

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Perfect for new learners or for those needing a refresher, the updated, two-part Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) Codes and Standards Course includes changes to the 2021 International Plumbing Code (IPC) and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), as well as new information about various timelines, requirements, standards and more.

Individuals or teams wishing to take the on-demand course at their convenience can register for either part or both parts at PMI members and non-members are welcome to take the course, with PMI members receiving discounted rates.

PMI Technical Director Matt Sigler updated the course content to meet the needs of today’s plumbing manufacturing professional, with PMI Education Coordinator Stephanie Lass working with PMI’s learning management system vendor to develop the course’s presentation. 

“The presentation has a fresh look, as well as new ‘knowledge checks’ throughout each module to help participants retain what they’ve learned,” Lass says.

Those completing each part with a final exam grade of 80% or higher will receive a certificate of completion.

In addition to including changes to the 2021 IPC and UPC, the course brings participants up to speed on updates to timelines for the UPC Code Cycle, National Standard Plumbing Code Cycle, and International Code Council Code Development Cycle. Course takers learn about the state of conformity assessment requirements in North America.

Recent revisions to the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, the Lead and Copper Rule, and NSF 61 are also covered.

The first part of the PMI Codes and Standards Course provides the basics of standards, regulations, codes and conformity assessment for plumbing manufacturers. Those completing this part will learn how to:

  • Describe product standards and their role in the plumbing industry
  • Understand the various regulations that impact the plumbing industry
  • Identify the model codes used in the plumbing industry
  • Define conformity assessment and identify third-party certification agencies and marks of conformity

The second part is designed for plumbing manufacturing professionals with technical experience who would like a deeper dive into standards and other important topics. This course material includes a discussion on how a water supply system can become contaminated with Legionella; how the weighted average lead content is determined in NSF 372 (Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content) for plumbing products such as faucets; and accessibility requirements that impact plumbing product manufacturers.

In addition, the course covers:

  • Backflow and its causes, and the standards that pertain to backflow prevention
  • Standards that regulate water temperature and the various valves used
  • Minimum water quality standards and conservation requirements
  • Accessible design and the fundamental provisions for design and installation
  • Regulations affecting manufactured housing
  • Legionella and water supply systems
  • Background information on the major U.S. standard development organizations

The bundled price for the entire two-part course is $199 for PMI members and $299 for non-members. Parts 1 or 2 alone cost $119 for PMI members and $169 for non-members. Those previously taking the course can sign up for a refresher two-part course priced at $98 for members and $198 for non-members, with refreshers for either part priced at $49 for members and $99 for non-members. Discounts are available to groups of five or more. Contact Stephanie Lass, PMI education coordinator, at to receive a promo code for the refresher courses before purchasing.

“We’re excited to bring this updated course to professionals in the plumbing manufacturing industry,” says Sigler. “Codes, standards, timelines and requirements have been changing rapidly; taking this course will make sure you’re current with everything that’s happening.”

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