Product Focus - February 2022

Product Focus - February 2022

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Watts AquaLock LF4715-14

The 3/4-inch CTS AquaLock LF4715-14 brass coupling from Watts works with copper, CPVC, PEX and CTS-rated pipe. It is easy to install; no tools or tube inserts are required. The fitting can be used for hot and cold-water applications. The O-ring guide feature provides a zero-leak connection. Unlike barb fittings, this fitting joins the tubing on the outside, increasing the flow capacity. After a connection has been made even under maximum pressure, the tubing is able to swivel, making the fitting ideal for vibrating and dynamic applications. 978-688-1811;


QuickDrain USA WallDrain

The linear WallDrain from QuickDrain USA allows for a seamless and unique curbed or curbless shower design by installing the drain in the wall itself, rendering it virtually invisible. Nearly any solid surface tile can be installed in the drain’s magnetic vertical cover. The integrated drain, combined with a pre-sloped shower pan and waterproofing, represents a total shower solution for eliminating leaks and standing water. The ADA and UPC-approved drain slashes installation time, saves on cost and minimizes impact on customers. Onsite adjustability accommodates shower lengths of 26 to 96 inches. 866-998-6685;


Pfister Faucets Tenet Shower Column

The Tenet Shower Column from Pfister Faucets sits tightly flush, a feat of inner engineering that allows for crisp lines and a tidy footprint. It is a suitable option for those looking to update their bathroom with an on-trend, modern fixture without the need to break tile or replace and existing valve. It works smarter, making any bathroom project an easier refresh. It converts a single-outlet showerhead into a two-outlet custom showering experience and has a slidebar bracket to easily adjust the handshower to the perfect position. For smooth toggling between handshower and showerhead functions, the handshower has a unique diverter button that is integrated into the handle. 800-422-4278;

PRIER Products P-360 Sanitary  Freezeless Bury Hydrant

The P-360 Sanitary Freezeless Bury Hydrant from PRIER Products uses a piston-style water displacement system in the reservoir. It doesn’t require special maintenance or winterization. It will not drain into the surrounding soil, which means contaminated water will not seep into the hydrant. It can be buried at depths from 1 to 7 feet, and offers flows of 10 gpm at 25 psi differential. It has passed stringent safety and performance requirements for ASSE 1057 approval, and is NSF 372 lead free. It is freezeless, with no winterizing required and drains with the hose attached. It is fully serviceable above ground, meaning no contamination from surrounding soil. Its heavy-duty ductile cast iron head is three times stronger than regular cast iron. A lockable lever handle prevents unauthorized use. It has a bucket catch on the spout. 800-362-9055;


SharkBite EvoPEX Fittings and Tubing

EvoPEX from SharkBite is a push-to-connect fitting and PEX pipe system designed as a more efficient alternative to tool-based pipe joining methods. It allows contractors to complete new construction, re-pipe and remodel installations up to 30% faster and with fewer installation errors using push-to-connect fittings, which visually show when they’ve made a permanent and secure connection. No crimp, clamp or expansion tools, soldering or glue are required. 877-700-4242;

Supply Smart PlumbWell Stop Valves

PlumbWell Stop Valves from Supply Smart have a precision-machined brass body with a chrome-plated, corrosion-resistant finish. They also have a brass nut and corrosion-free plastic stem. They are available in a broad selection of angle or straight configurations, with multi-turn or quarter-turn handle options, and are available in compression, FIP, PEX, sweat, push-fit and CPVC connections. Faucet and toilet supply lines are also available, as well as stainless-steel corrugated water heater connectors, which are also available in FIP, PEX or sweat connections. 800-631-7793;

Uponor ProPEX  Ball Valves

Manufactured from premium, lead-free, dezincification-resistant brass, full-port ProPEX Ball Valves from Uponor offer positive tube stops that ensure installers insert the valve into the pipe far enough without overextension. The valves all have a blowout-proof stem design to ensure a lifetime of reliability. The ASTM F1960 connection method offers a solid, strong seal without the need for glues, torches or fire watch, providing greater safety and cost savings on job sites. The residential valves are available in sizes from 1/2- to 1-inch and feature a chrome-plated ball along with a stop and drain (waste) option. The commercial valves are available in sizes from 1/2 to 2 inches, and feature a stainless-steel ball and stem along with stem extension kits to accommodate insulation thicknesses up to 2 inches. 800-321-4739;

Viega ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve

Viega’s ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve ensures balanced domestic water recirculation by changing with varying conditions. It keeps water temperatures more uniform by adjusting flow with changes in temperature. The results are faster hot water delivery, minimized waste energy and water and less stagnation and chance of contamination. Temperature can be set once and be maintained automatically. Settings can be changed easily, if needed. It can be installed on risers or branches. Remote monitoring is possible with a temperature sensor. An optional thermometer provides visual indication of valve setting. Threaded ends allow use with ProPress or PureFlow fittings systems. It includes a bypass for thermal disinfection. 800-976-9819;



The PIONEER System from ENPRESS was developed as an environmentally conscious green product, wasting no water during backwash or regeneration of chemicals. It also successfully removes lead, cyst and poisonous chemicals PFOA/PFOS, and is installed where the waterline enters the customer’s home, business or restaurant. It is easy to install and can deliver peace-of-mind to customers. 440-510-0108;


Niagara Sabre

Sabre is the expansion of Niagara’s Stealth Technology into the 1.1 and 1.28 gpf rate toilets. This vacuum-assist technology makes less water work more efficiently to maximize performance, reducing water use by as much as 73%. The line comes in round and elongated bowls, ADA and standard heights, and 10- and 12-inch rough-ins — all WaterSense certified. This high-performance line flushes 1,000 g of miso, can cut down on callbacks, and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. 888-733-0197;


TOTO’s Drake WASHLET+ C5 has an elegant design and streamlined style, giving the toilet a fresh and beautiful look. It seamlessly connects to the toilet, leaving no protruding supply connections. Its connection structure not only improves appearance, but also enhances cleanliness by inhibiting dust and dirt buildup. It may be easily attached and detached to reach areas where dust and dirt tend to collect. The model also offers the company’s TORNADO FLUSHING SYSTEM, a rimless bowl design, and large water spot. This gravity-fed, high-efficiency toilet marries performance to ideal bowl cleansing action, creating a clean, green, flushing system that saves money, water and time. 888-295-8134;


Flow-Liner Systems Flow-40 Inversion Drum

The Flow-40 Inversion Drum from Flow-Liner Systems is the ideal CIPP equipment for residential projects. Fitting through narrow doorways and into small spaces is no problem for this lightweight aluminum inverter that measures 22 inches wide by 38 inches high by 28 inches long. This drum can hold liners from 2 to 6 inches in lengths up to approximately 40 feet. This equipment comes with adjustable heads allowing the CIPP contractor to install from straight, 45- or 90-degree angles. The drum has a full-view sight glass, adjustable tilt angle with a removable base, and a removable handle. 800-348-0020;

Magliner Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks

Magliner Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks are balanced climbing machines with two speed settings and single-step and continuous-step modes. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, these battery-operated stair climbers will assist with safely transporting up to 725 pounds up and down steps, from boilers and large water heaters to water conditioning and HVAC systems. Folding handle models allow the operator to adjust the position of the handle to balance the center of gravity of the load, allowing the operator to maintain an upright posture while maneuvering loads. The optional fourth-wheel attachment allows the operator to let the hand truck carry all the weight when moving items long distances on flat, smooth surfaces. 800-624-5463;

Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT rolling  tool chest

The PACKOUT rolling tool chest from Milwaukee Tool stores larger tools and equipment, while providing the ability to transport two PACKOUT stacks onto the site with a dual stack top. Featuring an industrial-grade handle and 9-inch all-terrain wheels, it can be rolled anywhere on the job site. An impact-resistant body and metal reinforced locking points provide maximum strength and durability. This 35-gallon tool chest has a 250-pound weight capacity and an interior organization tray, and a locking lid support feature keeps the top securely open, preventing sudden lid closure. 800-729-3878;


The RIDGID POWER SPIN+ with AUTOFEED is suitable for residential use, cleaning drainlines from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Users simply pull the trigger and turn the drum for a clean drain without the mess. It has 25 feet of 1/4-inch kink-resistant MAXCORE cable that is designed for drill powered operation up to 500 RPMs. AUTOFEED Trigger Technology allows cable to self-feed down the drain, and cable is also positively retained in the drum to prevent cable pullout. 800-769-7743;

Separator Pro

The Separator Pro is a push fitting removal tool that is self-locking, leaving the operator’s hands free to separate pipe from fittings. It has a reversing handle for awkward and tight places, and is adjustable and can adapt to different brands of push fittings. It makes installing slip fittings easy, and one tool can be used on 3/8-, 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes with a simple rotation. 443-857-7732;

Water Conditioners

Aquasure USA Harmony Lite

The Aquasure USA Harmony Lite is a compact, all-in-one, whole house water softener system. This self-contained softener is rated at up to 34,000 grains of hardness and is suitable for a home with up to three bathrooms and up to four people. It has a small footprint of 43 inches high, 10.5 inches in width, and 18.5 inches in length, one-button manual regeneration and fully customizable Aquatrol control head. The system includes a Fortitude Triple Purpose Pre-Filter engineered to help inhibit bacterial growth while trapping large suspended particles such as dirt, sand, silt, sediment and rust on the outer layer. It absorbs chlorine, improves taste, and removes odor, color and VOCs, ultimately preventing contaminants from entering the home. 800-661-0680;

Water-Right Impression  Plus RC Series

Eliminate the need for two systems by combining two medias into one tank with the midplate designed Impression Plus RC Series (Resin/Carbon) unit from Water-Right that delivers clear, soft, odor-free city water. It reduces hardness, chlorine and associated odors while softening with minimal salt and water at the same time. The activated carbon removes chlorine byproducts and VOCs, to produce filtered water while the high-capacity resin softens the water. Water usage is electronically monitored, and the system automatically regenerates based on actual water consumption. The controller can anticipate higher water usage based on previous trends and regenerate the system in advance as needed to ensure the availability of quality water. When water usage is low, the system regenerates less often, saving on salt and water. The microprocessor captures all water conditioner operations, including gpd, total gallons, peak flow rates and total regenerations. 800-777-1426;

Water Heaters/Accessories

Aquaguard WAGS Valve

WAGS Valves from Aquaguard can stop a leaking water heater tank from continuously refilling and dripping, or until the tank fails catastrophically. The shut-off valve halts the incoming water supply, and on gas-fired units, shuts off the gas supply to ensure the home’s safety from water heater failure. They are mechanically operated; meaning no maintenance, no electricity or no battery checks are required. They sit in a drip pan under the water heater and are activated when leaking water accumulates to a predetermined level in the pan. Once activated the industrial-duty, one-shot safety valve shuts off the water and gas supply if so equipped. A red tab pops out to indicate valve activation. 844-438-9247;

Bradford White Water  Heaters Infiniti L

The Infiniti L Energy Star-certified tankless water heater from Bradford White Water Heaters provides a combination of convenience, high performance and efficiency that’s suitable for a wide variety of applications. With best-in-class venting and modulation, Scale Reduction Technology, field gas conversion, integrated flush ports and top water connections, it is a smart option for anyone looking for reliability and performance in a high-efficiency, recirculating tankless water heater. It comes with a built-in recirculation pump that provides instant delivery for an endless supply of hot water, which enhances the heater’s efficient water use and reduces the time and materials required for installation. 215-641-9400;

Jones Stephens  water heater stands

Galvanized water heater stands from Jones Stephens are designed and manufactured to provide strength and stability. Constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, the stands have a high load capacity and minimal components for rapid assembly. Ranging from 18 to 34 inches and with an elevation of 18 inches from the ground, the stands are designed to meet both UPC and IPC requirements. 800-355-6637;

Noritz America NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater Series

The NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater Series from Noritz America uses a fully integrated pump to keep hot water close to even the farthest outlet in the home, minimizing the wait and, therefore, the waste of unused potable water down the drain. It heats water strictly on-demand, saving energy by eliminating the need to constantly reheat a full storage tank. The Auto Mode quickly learns household water usage and automatically triggers recirculation-loop activation in line with that expected usage. The correct water temperature is delivered quickly when and where occupants need it the most. 714-433-2905;

Rinnai TRX Compact  Wall-Mount System

Rinnai’s TRX Compact Wall-Mount System delivers a compact, reliable, flexible water heating system. Designed to offer faster and more flexible installation in an easy to transport package, the system is shipped pretested and preassembled. It takes up 39 by 39 inches on a wall, saving space in most mechanical rooms. When contractors find themselves in a tight area and there’s no blank wall space available for a flush mount, an additional bracket option adds about 2 inches to clear any standard piping as long as there is access to four mounting points. 800-621-9419;  


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