A Part of the Community

Finding ways to help in the area you serve will benefit your employees and your business

Sometimes being a part of a community means more than just operating a business in town and going out when called upon. There is so much more you could be doing; and a lot of it would likely help your business in the long run.

Todd and Gina Grundmeier, owners of T’NG Plumbing, Heating & Cooling of Dexter, Minnesota, have found a great way to get involved in the community they have lived in all of their lives.

After a fire destroyed the couple’s home in 2011, they were determined to rebuild and go all-in on a business they had always wanted to start. After three years in business, T’NG was winning reader voting awards from the local newspaper. Winning an award for best plumbing company in 2014 set the wheels in motion for the couple to repay the community. “I thought the most appropriate thing was to reach out somehow and thank the community for holding us in such high regard,” Gina says.

That is when she created the Pay It Forward project, where the company offers a bathroom remodel for a needy family in the area. Other community tradespeople — carpenters, electric contractors and floor contractors — all chipped in.
T’NG, profiled this month, now does one of these projects every year and will do its next one this month. While the projects help the community, they also give T’NG a reputation as a company that cares about its customers and will do anything for them.

You don’t have to do a project of this scale; there are other ways you can help:

Talent. Your expertise and talent can be more valuable than your money. Identify an organization you believe in and offer one hour or one day of your expertise: clean out a drain, repair a toilet, or fix broken pipe.

Time. It’s a fact: People who volunteer more are generally healthier. Create afternoons or days for your whole team to volunteer together. You will be surprised how much it builds your team morale.

Partnership. You can help raise awareness for a cause you are passionate about by creating a partnership. It’s what the Grundmeiers did when they joined with other businesses to help needy families.

Goods. We throw away things every day that someone else could use. Rally your team to bring in their coats, business clothes and electronics to donate to organizations.


What do you do to help out in your community? Are there service projects your company does every year? I’d like to hear your story. Email me at editor@plumbermag.com or call me at 800/257-7222.

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