MyTana M30 Jetter Offers Reliable Drain Cleaning Muscle

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MyTana M30 Jetter Offers Reliable Drain Cleaning Muscle

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MyTana’s M30 gives you the power and range to clean 1.5- to 6-inch lines without sacrificing maneuverability. It has a removable hose reel that, combined with the 50-foot jumper hose and reel stand, allows indoor jetting while the 390cc Honda motor remains outside. A ball valve on the reel and auto throttle-down lets one person perform the remote jetting.

The motor has electric start (EZ start bypass), and the automatic throttle-down and auto choke help the motor run efficiently. The industrial triplex pump delivers 4.5 gpm at 3,000 psi and has thermal protection and pulsation control. Attach a rotating nozzle and take on most any blockage. 

The reel carries 200 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, and 75 feet of 1/8-inch hose is available for smaller lines. All components are thoughtfully packaged on a rugged cart with a small footprint and balanced weight. Designed for cleaning professionals, the M30 is easy to load, maneuver, maintain and use so you can focus on solving your customer’s problems. 

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