Work Truck Accessories: It’s All in the Details

Selecting the right accessories or ancillary equipment is what sets you apart from the competition

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Work Truck Accessories: It’s All in the Details

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As they say, it’s the details that count. And in the work truck environment, selecting the right accessories or ancillary equipment is what sets you apart from the competition. From major equipment, such as lifting apparatus, generators, air compressors and welders, to minor items such as stowage hooks, shelf dividers, and hat holders — how you choose your accessories is a very important part of making your work truck operational and efficient. Again, the options and selections are endless. However, fully understanding your work needs and operating environments is crucial. Also, understanding the limitations of your selected chassis and body combination is important as well. 

Finally, safety and security should be the most important attributes to consider. Choosing the appropriate accessories to ensure safety and security of your equipment — and employees — should be the first aspect to consider when building your next work vehicle.

How do you make the right choices?
Over the years, a tight network of equipment manufacturers, distributors and OEM dealers has been formed to help you through the work vehicle selection and upfitting process. Although the task may seem daunting, leveraging this network will ensure that you get the right truck for the job and it is optimized to improve your operational performance and efficiency.

Another option would be to utilize one of several fleet management companies. These companies all have personnel that specialize in working with customers to design upfits and select the appropriate chassis for the specific job requirements.

So, making the right decisions when selecting your next work truck or vehicle could make the difference in your overall productivity and efficiency, both from an operational and financial perspective. There are resources to turn to that can help you through the process, and making sure that you make an educated decision is vital to your overall safety and success.

NOTE: This is the third in a series of three guest blogs by Mandar Dighe, vice president of marketing for The Knapheide Manufacturing Company. The previous blogs focused on how to select the right vehicle body and chassis or vehicle for your work needs.

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