Case Study - September 2019

Portable jetter makes drain cleaner’s job easier

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Problem: Charles Hoyt, owner of Make It Drain of northern Colorado, sought a portable jetter that would make his life easier as a drain cleaner. “Drain cleaning is a difficult and tiresome profession,” he says. “It is not for the weak or fainthearted.” 

Solution: Hoyt decided to employ the BullFrog Industries Crap Shooter 2. It provides ease of access while working within arm’s reach of potential leaking hazards, adding security and peace of mind during usage, he says. “If I don’t have to worry about creating more problems than I’m solving, then I can focus more on my job at hand.”

Result: Setup and teardown time has dropped drastically since Hoyt purchased this minijetter. Splash control is nearly nonexistent. There’s never a large mess to clean up. It’s small and compact for easy storage and transport since it’s also lightweight while still housing a pump that packs a punch. “I have personally cleared mainline soft blockages in residential bathroom groups, through the lavatory sink dirty arm, using local water supply with extremely small cleanup,” Hoyt says. “From start to finish, including setup, teardown, cleanup and collecting payment, it was 45 minutes.” 888-890-1555;


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