MyTana News From WWETT 2018

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MyTana News From WWETT 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out to see MyTana at the WWETT Show. We had a great time. If you couldn't make it out, here's what you missed.

Meet the M888 Cable Machine

This upright cable machine clears 3- to 10-inch lines and has many customization options to suit your particular drain cleaning needs. Choose from multiple cable sizes/cores/lengths, reel styles and end tools.

Easier Inspection with the MS11-NG2 Push Camera

The MS11-NG2 push camera system allows you to conduct inspections of 3- to 6-inch lines. A compact and durable system that provides high-quality images, the MS11-NG2 records to 64 GB internal memory or removable USB drive, or transmits wirelessly to iOS or Android.

Power Through with the MaxBlast M30 Jetter

A mainline gas-powered jetter that maximizes portability, the MaxBlast has a removable hose reel for efficient remote cleaning of 1 1/2- to 6-inch lines. It's easy to load, maneuver, disassemble and — most important — operate.

Find Buried Assets with a Pipe Locator Package

Add locating services to your repertoire with the Complete Pipe Locator Package. This locator and transmitter enable you to pinpoint problem areas or buried utilities, even in the most difficult environments.

Replacement Cables and End Tools for Any Machine

MyTana offers a wide selection of cables and end tools for your cable machine. The cables fit any make of cable machine and come in a wide range of sizes and lengths, in wire or hollow core.


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