Focus: Commercial Plumbing/New Commercial Construction – Fixtures

Focus: Commercial Plumbing/New Commercial Construction – Fixtures
The FIXEDFLO Hands-Free Automatic Faucet System from Advanced Modern Technologies Corp.

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Advanced Modern Technologies Corp. FIXEDFLO
The FIXEDFLO Hands-Free Automatic Faucet System from Advanced Modern Technologies Corp. is designed for facilities where water conservation is a priority. The system includes a nonadjustable water flow mechanism programmed to stream water at a preset flow rate that cannot be externally altered, even with the use of an aerator. The system can be powered by batteries and/or a rechargeable hydrogenerator. 800/874-7822;

American Standard VorMax Toilet
Eliminating the traditional tiny rim holes around the bowl that carry water during a flush, VorMax flushing technology from American Standard delivers one powerful jet of water that scrubs the entire bowl completely clean. These high-efficiency toilets remove all waste using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. For easy cleaning, the CleanCurve Rim omits the rim overhang and holes inside the bowl where dirt and buildup can hide. An EverClean antimicrobial finish inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. 800/442-1902;

Infinity Drain G Series
G Series strainer shower drains from Infinity Drain are secured with corrosion-resistant nickel magnets instead of visible screws or a set screw. This provides easy removal if cleaning or servicing the drain is needed, along with a firm hold in the drain throat during ordinary use. These new transitional patterns are now available in a 5-inch-square decorative strainer constructed of 304 stainless steel and offered in satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, or lifetime oil-rubbed bronze finish. They require a traditional four-way pitch installation, making them a solution for center drain locations. They are available as “strainer only” or as a complete installation kit with clamping floor drain body that can be used with traditional waterproofing techniques. Corresponding floor drain assemblies are offered in standard residential or high-flow capacity. 516/767-6786;

Matco-Norca UTF-3 Utility Shower Faucet
Ideal for outdoor use by a pool or patio, the hot-and-cold water UTF-3 Utility Shower Faucet from Matco-Norca comes in a chrome-plated brass finish. It has an 18-inch-rise shower arm connecting to a heavy-duty plastic showerhead. Metal handles are connected to a 3 1/4-inch center body. An aluminum soap dish is positioned just above the center body for a complete shower setup. 800/431-2082;

TOTO USA Carlyle II 1G
The Carlyle II 1G with Double Cyclone technology from TOTO USA delivers high-efficiency flushing with only 1 gallon of water. The gravity-fed unit delivers a powerful flush without complex pressure-assist technology, avoiding the noise of a pressure-assist toilet's flushing system, as well as its highly pressurized internal tanks. This elegant one-piece toilet bowl and concave rim are coated with SanaGloss, a nanotechnology glaze that creates an ionized barrier to repel visible and invisible waste. The inclusive-height unit has a long-view global design aesthetic, clean lines and skirted design. 770/282-8686;

Woodford Manufacturing Model 68 Undercover Wall Hydrant
The Model 68 Undercover Wall Hydrant from Woodford Manufacturing is protected by an integral 16-gauge stainless steel cover. It provides the protection of a box hydrant but has a sleek look (only protrudes 1 inch from the wall), small footprint (for easy installation) and low cost. The tee key-operated stainless steel cover flips down for easy access. The hydrant won’t freeze and drains automatically, even with a hose attached. It’s high-flow, maintenance-free and has few parts, which makes it easy to repair. It has an ASSE 1052-approved, field-testable double check backflow preventer. It is ASSE 1053 listed. 800/621-6032;


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