Efficiency in a tankless design

Efficiency in a tankless design

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Tankless water heaters can be an ideal option for new construction or when replacing outdated heating units. They take up substantially less room, are easy to maintain and offer nearly instant hot water out of any faucet. Thanks to Noritz America, they are also efficient and Energy Star-rated.  

Engineered expressly for the North American residential market, the series of high-efficiency, condensing tankless water heaters are designed to cut installation time and cost when replacing larger, storage tank-type units. The Energy Star-rated EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV (Energy Factor: 0.97) join the previously released EZTR40 to provide plumbers with a wider range of tankless options, covering the majority of residential, tank-replacement opportunities. The EZ98-DV has a maximum input of 180,000 Btus per hour and a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gpm, making it generally suitable for homes with up to three baths. The EZ111-DV, with inputs up to 199,900 Btus per hour and flow rates to 11.1 gpm, is intended for homes with up to four baths.

“The EZ Series of condensing tankless water heaters is redefining the entire residential water heating industry in the United States and Canada with its streamlined approach to direct tank replacement,” says Jason Fleming, vice president of sales and marketing for Noritz. “No other tankless water heater offers the same ease of installation and versatility.”

Like the EZTR40, unveiled in 2014, the two larger models offer:

  • Top-mount hot- and cold-water connections that sharply reduce the amount of new plumbing work required by a tankless-for-tank replacement.
  • Maximum venting flexibility with four different options, including outdoor, direct vent, single vent and 2-inch flex vent, which utilizes the existing B-vent formerly used by the tank water heater being replaced.
  • The possibility of reusing the tank unit’s half-inch gas line, thus avoiding the substantial expense of running a new gas line.

In addition to being offered separately for indoor or outdoor installation, both new units are available in their own “EZTR Bundle” packages (EZTR50 and EZTR75, respectively) that include materials and accessories for direct indoor replacement of 50- and 75-gallon, tank-type water heaters.

“The professional installer wins no matter how he or she purchases the new EZ models,” Fleming says. “By itself, each unit offers contractors total flexibility in venting and indoor/outdoor installation. Buying an EZTR Bundle allows for direct indoor replacement without having to even think about sizing ­— just buy and replace.” 877-986-6748; www.noritz.com.


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