Product Spotlight - September 2019

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A small-scale inspection system from RapidView IBAK North America offers all the capabilities of a full-size camera in a compact package.

The MiniLite 2.0 system can utilize any of RapidView’s pushrod cameras, including pan and tilt. It also cooperates with lateral steering, laser diameter measurement and 3D mapping technologies.

“Offering these reports and data to system owners can be profitable and allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition,” says Matt Sutton, vice president of sales and marketing for RapidView. “Features like this also open opportunities in the industrial sector.”

With a dedicated controller via an onboard Windows 10 tablet, powered by two 18-volt rechargeable batteries, it directs 250 feet of high-strength pushrod out of a replaceable cable cassette.

“It couples all the new camera technologies with a powerful onboard computer controller capable of running advanced pipeline inspection software,” Sutton says. “Control the camera, increase or decrease lighting, activate features, and use inspection software to record video and log defects within the pipeline. Basic recording software is included, and the system works with all major third-party software, as well our own IKAS evolution software.”

At a mere 40 pounds with the reel and controller, it also comes with a multifunction joystick for precise control of camera functions.

Though optimized for small-diameter pipe, it is a versatile system that can be used in a variety of situations and applications.

“It delivers features that other camera manufacturers do not in smaller-diameter applications. Most of the cameras used on a MiniLite 2.0 system can be used on our larger crawler systems or deployed on a lateral launch system,” Sutton says. “This means that as the customer’s needs grow, the components of the MiniLite 2.0 can grow with them, or be used in different ways.”

RapidView acknowledges that while its system may be more expensive than other options on the market, the added cost brings increased functionality and reliability. The 10-inch touch screen makes it an easy-to-use system that is ready to use right out of the box.

“Customers will experience long-term savings when the units stay in the field working every day, instead of breaking down,” Sutton says. “And, as customers grow, their system can grow with them, utilizing their camera on larger systems.” 800-656-4225;


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