Rugged, Reliable General Drain Cleaners Help Young Maryland Business Grow

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Rugged, Reliable General Drain Cleaners Help Young Maryland Business Grow

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“We get 100% of our business through word-of-mouth. Our customers expect professionalism in our service. And we expect our drain cleaning tools to work first time, every time — no exceptions.

“I only put my hard-earned money into trustworthy, durable equipment — tools that handle the toughest jobs, and tools that make satisfied customers,” says Charles “Chuck” Maggiore, owner of Grassroots Plumbing in Perryville, Maryland. 

That’s why he’s anchored his growing drain cleaning business in rugged, reliable equipment from General Pipe Cleaners. 

Generations of General users 

A third-generation plumbing and drain cleaning pro, Maggiore comes by that choice honestly. Both his father and grandfather were strong proponents of General tools. And he’s witnessed decades of reliable General performance. 

Maggiore is the first in his family who actually owns the business. And with his name on the door, he’s doubly serious about keeping his expanding customer base happy. 

His main tool of choice is General’s tough, durable Sewerooter T-4 mid-size drain cleaner. 

The popular machine packs the performance, punch and portability to unclog 3- to 6-inch lines up to 100 feet long. 

Compact, powerful package 

“We handle a wide range of commercial customers — emergency drain cleaning for restaurants, auto body shops, breweries, condos, apartment buildings, even churches,” he says. “And the T-4 definitely takes a beating and handles 90% of my jobs.” 

Plumbing, drain cleaning and maintenance pros love it. With more cleaning power than its T-3 predecessor, Sewerooter T-4 now carries 100 feet of 9/16-inch Flexicore cable to clear stubborn stoppages in 3- to 4-inch inside lines. Heavy-duty 9/16-inch cable provides more torque than traditional 1/2-inch cables offer, yet can clean the same size drainlines. 

General’s heavy-duty Flexicore cable offers superior kinking resistance and unequalled strength with the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough that it carries a one-year warranty protection against breakage. 

Features enhance productivity 

To clear tree roots and other tough clogs from 3- to 6-inch lines, simply switch drums to 75 feet of 5/8-inch Flexicore cable. To adjust to different cable sizes, just turn a knob atop the feed. No special tools are required. 

“The T-4 has helped me through lots of tough clogs, like roots,” Maggiore says. “That little machine has taken care of some really big jobs, including clearing out mainlines.” 

The T-4’s variable-speed Power Cable Feed helps. General’s labor saving feature offers enhanced safety and control through blockages. Users easily guide the cable in and out of the line at up to 20 feet per minute, yet keep hands clean and off spinning cable. 

“The feed is awesome,” Maggiore says. “Even my apprentice uses it with ease and she loves it.” 

The T-4 is lighter and more compact than other mid-range drain cleaners. Its narrow profile facilitates handling in tight spots, on stairs and during vehicle loading. The maneuverable machine features a fold-down handle, stair climbers, truck-loading wheel, and tough, lightweight frame on heavy-duty 10-inch wheels for easy transport. 

Renting expands service options 

Maggiore quickly adds that, while the T-4 packs plenty of muscle, he occasionally rents General equipment for longer tough jobs. And top of the list is the Speedrooter 92. 

“It’s a favorite of my dad and grandfather,” he recalls. “In particular, my company uses it on one local franchise restaurant that regularly needs long-distance clog removal.” 

The latest professional version, Speedrooter XL, clears stubborn stoppages in 3- to 10-inch lines up to 200 feet. Users can easily change drums to add cable lengths or to swap cable sizes. Variable-speed cable feed offers raw driving and pulling power for long, tough jobs, feeding and retrieving 3/4-, 5/8-, 9/16- and 1/2-inch cables. 

Renting also led to a real bargain when Maggiore purchased a used General Metro from a local rental center. 

“That was about five years ago,” he says. “We had rented the Metro before, and knew it’d be a great addition to our equipment.” 

Maintenance preserves investments 

Proper tool maintenance, Maggiore notes, is critical to readiness and to a professional image. And he ensures equipment longevity by using Snake-Oil Classic, also from General. 

Better than common lubricants, Snake-Oil sports a special rust inhibitor that cuts through moisture and replaces it with a rust-resistant coating. Available in either quarts or gallons, it’s easy to use, too. 

Maggiore just pours some Snake-Oil into a machine’s cable drum and rotates the container, letting the oil contact as much cable as possible. He then drains off the excess and allows the cable to air-dry. 

Sewer cables and machines — including drums, bearings and power cable feeds — enjoy significantly extended life. And General’s deodorant gives everything a fresh, clean smell. 

“The last thing you want after cleaning a sewer is to have sewer smell lingering in your truck.” 

Professionalism counts 

Maggiore likes tools that produce satisfied customers and help his young business grow. 

“That’s why I prefer General machines over competitive brands,” he says. “They’re tough, job-proven and easy to maintain. 

“General’s customer service is stellar, too. When I started my business, I called competitors for equipment information, and General’s specialists were, by far, the most professional and helpful. 

“It’s another reason why I’m sticking with General.” 

It’s evidently working. “I’m looking to hire more employees now.”   

To learn more about General’s Sewerooter T-4, visit, or call the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200.

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