The 5 Purposes of a Business

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The 5 Purposes of a Business

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Most of us have a "shelf life" as business owners... we have that certain age in mind where we want to retire with enough money to live comfortably and do the things in life that we have planned. We hope for retirement at a young enough age, and with good enough health, that we can have some years to enjoy it.

A large part of being successful in anything you do is to know where you are going. Think of the last time you had to drive to a new location. Did you take a roadmap or GPS? Did it make your trip easier? Most likely it did. Sure, you might make it to your destination without the help, but there's a greater chance that you could get lost along the way. A business is no different. You should start your business with the end (destination) in mind and plan in such a way to support the journey.

There are five things that your business should do for you:

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