HotJet USA Trailer Mounted Jetters Meet California Environmental Compliance

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HotJet USA Trailer Mounted Jetters Meet California Environmental Compliance

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California state regulations now require that equipment that is sold into or is operated in the state meet the Federal and California EPA requirements. When ordering from HotJet USA, this is a three-step process.

1. Engine compliance

For California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance, HotJet USA offers two power unit choices:  (1) Either buy a system with a diesel powered engine; or (2) Convert the 35 hp engine to propane.

To meet the requirements for CARB compliance, all gasoline-powered equipment requires HotJet’s exclusive LP gas upgrade for the engines. These engines still feature the same great power — exclusively engineered to not lose power.

HotJet USA is the only supplier of this California certified conversion package.

Manufactured for the 23 hp and 35 hp engines, HotJet has a full conversion package to run the equipment on LP gas. This upgrade is priced at $2,438 per unit. Price includes two 40-pound propane tanks and holders (forklift size) and gives nearly eight continuous hours of operation.

NOTE: HotJet’s 29 hp Kubota diesel unit is fully compliant and needs no modifications.

Where to find propane gas
Propane is available at Ace Hardware, U-Haul, 7-11s, AmeriGas, as well as many other facilities around the state of California.

2. Burner registration (for units that have a heater)

Attention: If the hot water equipment is to be operated in the  following counties – San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange – your burner must be registered with SoCal air. To register your burner, fill out and submit Form 222-pw found on the website.

Operating the hot-water equipment burner in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties in California requires registration with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). HotJet USA will provide forms for the registration. Registration cost is approximately $275 per year paid directly to the State of California.

Regulations within these counties require that diesel usage on the burner system not exceed

50 gallons per day (HotJet heater units do not use 50 gallons per day). HotJet USA is not charging for the required upgrades to the burner system, which is adding a dedicated non-resettable hour meter wired to the burner system.

3. Prop 65 compliance

HotJet USA power plants are labeled with large Prop 65 warning labels. If labeling falls off due to wear, weather, etc., please contact HotJet for replacements. HotJet provides complete Prop 65 overview/compliance with every machine sold into or operated in the state of California.

For more information about California Prop 65 compliance, visit the Prop 65 information page here.

Have questions?
If you are in California and have questions about meeting these new California Air Regulation requirements, give HotJet USA a call at 800-624-8186.

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