Finding an Easier Way to Work

Doing these three simple things will help make running your company easier

Well, I broke down. I vowed to never get an Alexa-type device in my house, but guess what? There is now.

In February my brother gifted me with a few Alexa devices. It’s something I swore I would never get. Why have a device turn on and off my lights, play music and send me alerts when something is scheduled? I didn’t need that fancy technology in my house.

Well … flash-forward a few months and there is now a device in every bedroom of my house and one in the living room. I also have two smart plugs that tie into the Alexa devices, allowing me to turn on and off my lights by simply telling Alexa to do so. Yup. It’s wonderful!

It’s also making life easier, and who wouldn’t want that? Plumbers are no different. They aren’t afraid of working hard, of course, but sometimes easy is nice. What makes your job easier? Is it the technology the company has, the tools that you use or the way you’re trained to work with customers?


One of the first things you can do to make your job easier is incorporate technology. Going with an electronic billing and payment method will make it easier for you and your team to communicate the cost of materials and labor and to explain the final estimate to customers.

A GPS system in each of the company vans will help your crew members get to jobs more efficiently, and it will be easier for managers to keep tabs on fuel and downtime costs.


So you’ve upgraded to some new technology, but now you want to make job site work easier, right? Let’s head over to your toolbox and find out what would be good for you.

First of all, let’s get rid of those decades-old corded power tools (if you still have them) and switch over to the more ergonomic-friendly, battery-powered tools. If you’re balking at that, hold on a moment.

Manufacturers of these tools are making them quite powerful these days and most of these tools are just as powerful, if not more, than the corded counterparts. Many tools are also being equipped with software that allows companies to track where those tools are in the event they are stolen, making it easier for you to recover them.


You now have the right technology and tools, but there is one final piece to the puzzle to make things easier at your company: The right employee.

You want that employee who will be part of a team, work well with others and be willing to learn and grow. When hiring employees, be sure you are clear about what you are looking for and expect of them.

Once they are on board, then it’s time to train that plumber on the way you want work done and how you expect them to interact with customers. Do it right the first time and things will be easy for you down the road.


Do you have a way that has made what you do easier? Maybe a piece of equipment you use, a way to train employees or something else? Email me at or call 715-350-8436. I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy this issue! 


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