Winterizing Your Jetter Equipment: Part 2

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Winterizing Your Jetter Equipment: Part 2

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Winterize wisely with antifreeze

A) There are a couple different ways to winterize jetters and prepare them for cold weather. Some companies run RV antifreeze through the jetter, but HotJet prefers to use windshield wash fluid. HotJet trailer jetters come equipped with a built-in antifreeze system, which helps facilitate this process. The window washing fluid is the same used in your car or truck and is readily available at Walmart or most automotive parts stores. Check the freeze temperature rating level on the container to make sure it is adequately rated for your temperature zone. Window wash fluid contains methanol in the mixture — the stronger the mix, the lower the freeze temperature.

B) Another way to antifreeze is to hook up air and pass pressurized air through the valve on the head of the pump, which helps push the water out. Any air compressor could be utilized to accomplish this or carry an air tank with compressed air ready for use.

Fuel tanks

With gas-powered jetters, you should make sure to keep the fuel tank full in the same way you would with any type of vehicle during winter. HotJet recommends using a gas additive like Stabil to counteract the effects of the ethanol fuel. If you will be storing the equipment for longer than 30 days it is recommended to drain the fuel tanks and the oils in the engine and pump.

Using these strategies can help ward off freezing damage and keep your jetter ready for action. Before you re-start your equipment make sure that you refill all fluids in motor, pump and water tank.

For more information, including suggestions for transporting and storing during cold weather, visit

Download the HotJet USA Winterizing Checklist here.

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