Cordless Drain Cleaning Machines Create Less Hassle, More Service Calls

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Cordless Drain Cleaning Machines Create Less Hassle, More Service Calls

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When you consider the overall advancements made to power tools in the last decade, it’s difficult to imagine why drain cleaning solutions haven’t been part of that story. Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors are just two examples of technologies that have been available for years, but ignored by many leading drain cleaning manufacturers, who instead opt for the same tool designs and functionality users have always known. These products have been able to get the job done — but the boundaries of productivity weren’t being pushed.

Milwaukee Tool has been a leader in such innovation ever since it first introduced lithium-ion to power tools in 2008. Through working together with users and evaluating the job at hand, Milwaukee sets out to completely rethink solutions, delivering game-changing innovation that saves time and enhances safety.

In 2016, Milwaukee brought this same passion for delivering innovative solutions to the drain cleaning industry, introducing new levels of technology and completely cutting the cord. This is a massive leap forward in mobility and range as outlets are not always available or functioning and there are inherent safety risks associated with cords running across floors. Each tool addresses the most fundamental challenges users face on every call, opening the doors to a safer, more productive job site. 

Expanding equipment capabilities

Milwaukee spent hundreds of hours with professionals to understand the shortcomings of drain cleaning equipment that has long been the staple in the industry. The result was the development of new proprietary features and functionalities — from a drain cleaning solution that combines the benefits of sectional and drum machines, to a powered-air drain cleaner for clearing grease clogs, slow drains, and other non-retrieval-type clogs. In addition, since a machine is only as good as its cable, Milwaukee engineered new cables with a proprietary RUST GUARD plating process to protect against corrosion and extend the overall life of the cable.

Instant setup

One of the most frequent challenges of any drain cleaning job is simply getting the machine to the job. The capabilities associated with cordless design allow Milwaukee to minimize the weight of tools for easy portability to and from the job and maximize the ease of setup. In addition, each solution has been optimized with the power to tackle multiple jobs on a single battery charge. The solutions are also part of a cordless platform that is compatible with a wide assortment of tools these professionals already use.

Protect the job

The other most frequent challenge is containing the mess. Milwaukee focused on providing fully enclosed drums for better mess containment and for easier use in tight spaces where free-spinning drums might damage fixtures. In addition, its powered closet and urinal augers are optimized for the right amount of power and speed to get through the trap and clear the clog without damaging porcelain fixtures. 

Since first introducing its drain cleaning lineup just a few short years ago, Milwaukee now offers a completely portable drain cleaning lineup for drains within buildings so users can service more calls in a day and be more efficient during those calls.


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