How Push-to-Connect Technology Revolutionized the Plumbing Industry

Over the past two decades, push-to-connect fittings have helped plumbers work more efficiently

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How Push-to-Connect Technology Revolutionized the Plumbing Industry

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Every once in a while, plumbing innovations disrupt the way contractors perform everyday tasks. Over the past two decades, one such innovation is push-to-connect fittings.

Until their introduction, contractors’ primary option for connecting pipes was soldering, gluing or using a specialized tool. These methods can be sufficient, but they can also present challenges when transitioning between different pipe types or installing in tight spaces. 

When push-to-connect fittings were first introduced, the industry was presented with an unprecedented solution that would make plumbers’ jobs quicker, more efficient and more reliable. 

Saving time on pipe transitions and repairs

Push-to-connect fittings allow for quick transitions between different pipe types and enable the performance of emergency repairs in minutes. You can make these connections without the need for soldering, gluing or special tools. And saving time on these tasks means more time to spend on growing your business or performing more complex repairs and installations.

Expanding capabilities for remodeling and new construction

While many contractors rely on push-to-connect fittings for quick pipe transitions and emergency repairs, others rely on PEX-only products like SharkBite EvoPEX, which was launched in 2017, for remodeling and new construction. Such systems save time and prevent errors, which helps avoid callbacks that throw jobs off schedule. Ultimately, the time saved translates to dollars saved in labor costs.

Overcoming the labor shortage

With ease of use and time savings, push-to-connect systems can help overcome our industry’s shortage on qualified workers. Fewer workers means more work for each person on the team, and that can lead to bottlenecks on your jobs. Push-to-connect fittings make it easier to train new plumbers quickly and prevent costly installation errors, saving time and money in the long run. 

Push-to-connect in the future

These versatile and quick-to-install fittings allow contractors to work smarter, not harder. By reducing the time it takes to make installations, the fittings give contractors time back that they can spend on areas that require more resources, like growing their business and investing in their workforce.

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