WWETT Spotlight: All-in-One Inspection

The ROTHENBERGER ROSCOPE i2000 tackles several inspection techniques in one modular unit.
WWETT Spotlight: All-in-One Inspection
Jeff Plane, a sales manager for ROTHENBERGER USA, points out the features of his company’s ROSCOPE i2000 modular inspection device to attendees of the 2015 WWETT Show. Photo courtesy ROTHENBERGER USA

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The tools used for pipeline inspection, sonde location and leak detection cannot only take up a lot of room, they aren’t easy on the pocketbook. That’s why the modular ROSCOPE i2000, a device capable of performing all these tasks, makes so much sense. That’s also why the product was such a great fit, and a big hit, at the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

The hand-held inspection device from ROTHENBERGER USA displays live color video from an imaging source on its 3.5-inch color touch screen. The remote inspection tool is designed for hard-to-reach areas and is perfect for home inspection, cable routing and plumbing inspections. It allows the user to capture still images and full-motion video, along with audio.

“Residential and light commercial plumbers are definitely our target market,” says April Jeras, a national account manager with ROTHENBERGER. “This tool can fill a lot of roles in a plumber’s toolbox.”

This device is equipped with an imaging and lighting source with self-leveling image rotation (with respect to gravity), zoom and LED light adjustment. It can wirelessly transmit both images and video to a secondary hand-held device, such as a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet, through the use of a simple downloadable app.

“The Wi-Fi capability is great, as it enables the plumber to send images and video directly to a customer,” Jeras says. “That way the plumber doesn’t have to drag the unit through the house to show the customer what’s wrong.”

The modular design enables the plumber to add services while minimizing cost and the total toolbox footprint. The Module TEC self-leveling camera head comes mounted on a 2.9-foot flex cable for inspection of hard-to-reach areas, such as P-traps and disposals. A second camera, the Module 25/16, has a high-performance camera for inspection in pipes 2 to 4 inches in diameter, and comes mounted on a 50-foot push cable.

For location purposes, the Module ROLOC PLUS provides an easy-to-configure pipe and sonde-locating device that enables pinpoint camera head location and utility depth measurement. The Module ROSCAN 150 infrared camera can be used for leak detection visualization and analysis of refrigeration and heat sources.

The basic ROSCOPE i2000 inspection device comes with the basic hand-held unit, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, quick charger, USB cable, Module TEC imager, and a blow-mold carrying case. All other modules are sold separately.

“We view the ROSCOPE i2000 as a tool that enables plumbers to diversify service offerings,” Jeras says. “It’s been on the market less than six months, and the response has been phenomenal. We’ve gotten great traffic and dozens of good, solid leads from the WWETT Show.”

Jeras says that, based on feedback she heard at the show, the company is looking at making some subtle changes to the model, while increasing the features on their other pipe inspection systems.

“Next year I think we’ll have a 100-foot cable reel to offer that will help on the longer inspection runs,” she says. “We’re also going to add Wi-Fi connectivity and the touch screen to our other cameras. Customers love those features.”

Jeras says the company is already excited to see what the next WWETT Show has to offer. “This show is great because it puts us in front of our target market — plumbers and drain cleaners,” she says. “It also gives us the opportunity to talk with septic installers and pumpers, and others who are looking to diversify. That’s what we’re after.” 800/545-7698; www.rothenberger-usa.com.


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