8 Trade-Friendly Smartphone Apps for Plumbers

You already carry around a mini computer in your pocket. Why not make your smartphone a full-time assistant?
8 Trade-Friendly Smartphone Apps for Plumbers
Why not make your smartphone a full-time assistant?

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It’s a smartphone world. iPhones and Android mobile phones have been around for less than a decade, yet with every day that passes, more and more users wonder what they ever did without the hand-held gadgets. 

Believe it or not, they aren’t just for playing Words with Friends and Candy Crush, tracking your local pro sports team, seeing what friends and family are up to on Facebook, or Tweeting your opinion on the latest political debacle. 

As any smartphone user already knows, and the growing number of converts are about to find out, there are a nearly infinite number of apps out there — tiny, dedicated programs that can fetch your email, manage your grocery list, connect you to online banking, even help you keep a diary of your favorite beers. And that’s just the beginning.

“There’s so much information and so many things you can use them for,” says Lyle Balistreri, president of the Milwaukee Area Building and Construction Trades Council. “With a smartphone, you’re carrying around a mini computer in your pocket.”

Younger generations of workers rely on smartphones as part of their everyday lives, Balistreri says. “They don’t communicate in the same way we did when we were young — they utilize those phones for everything.” 

Although not every employer welcomes smartphones on the job — for fear that they will be a distraction at work rather than a useful tool — there’s no doubt the future of customer and employee interaction has changed, and will continue to change. 

As these mobile gizmos become even more ubiquitous, you can expect to find more and more of them used at work, not just at play. 

Another bonus? Some states offer plumbing code book apps for your smartphone, which gives you an all-access pass to regulation information — at your fingertips! 

We sorted through the treasure trove of apps out there that would be of particular interest to plumbing and HVAC professionals. Caution: There are a lot of them! These are just a spattering of the ones we think you’ll find the most useful, depending on your specific line of work.

These apps are sure to streamline day-to-day operations and take your plumbing and HVAC jobs to the next level. 


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