Product Spotlight - December 2021

Product Spotlight - December 2021

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It is important for the valve on a residential irrigation system be easy to service. It is equally important that, when used in cold climates, anti-freezing safeguards are in place. The PRIER Products P-6IV valve checks those boxes, providing an irrigation supply for sprinkler systems in areas subject to freezing temperatures.

The valve is installed from the exterior of the structure with the supply piping and shut-off through the structure to the heated portion, eliminating the possibility of freezing. To assure freeze protection year-round, this hydrant must be winterized by closing the valve and opening the 1/4-inch NPT drain plug which can also be used to blow out the downstream irrigation system. Having the valve on the exterior of the structure enables a professional to winterize your system without the need to come inside or the owner to be present.

“The new irrigation valve is another one of our innovations to our full line of exterior plumbing products,” says PRIER Research and Development Manager Scott Brady. “Our engineering team worked hard to perfect the design which has similar characteristics to another one of our top-of-the-line valves.”

This heavy-duty hydrant has a high flow rate. A removable operating key is provided to prevent unauthorized tampering. No special installation tools are required. In addition, it comes with a built-in elbow that swivels to allow for easy installation and reduced cost for extra parts. It’s also designed with the homeowner and contractor in mind to allow for servicing from the exterior of the structure, rather than entering the residence.  

According to Brady, most installations require the contractor to enter the home to drain down the system for winterization. Instead, the P-6IV can be accessed from the outside, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to be home or provide access to the contractor for annual servicing. 

“We’re excited to launch this new irrigation valve. The innovative design makes installation and servicing easier for contractors and homeowners alike,” says PRIER President Nick Manning. “This is one of several new products in development this year.”

The heavy pattern cast brass hydrant with a nickel-plated body looks attractive, resists corrosion and should last the life of the plumbing system when installed correctly. The valve also offers a triple-seal positive shut-off system. The triple-check assures shut-off. It is available in 12 lengths to suit a wide range of installation needs across the United States and Canada. 800-362-9055;


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