Product Spotlight - May 2021

Product Spotlight - May 2021

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If you do any residential plumbing below grade, you know how important a job drain pumps can be. While many basements utilize a sump pump, due to various reasons not every situation allows for them. That’s where a drain pump — like the Liberty Pumps 406 Series — can save the job.

The short profile of Liberty’s 406 is specially designed for compact areas, giving you the freedom to install fixtures where gravity drainlines are not available. For gray wastewater applications, the 406 is ideal for basement bathrooms, laundry tray sinks, bar sinks, washing machines and other basement remodeling projects. The system arrives fully assembled and ready to install.

“Its smaller size allows it to be easily installed in compact areas like under a sink cabinet,” says Randall Waldron, Liberty’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It also has an access cover that allows serviceability of the unit while inlet and discharge piping remain connected. It also features a more contemporary appliance-style design for better aesthetics.”

The 406 Series drain pump allows installation of a sink, washing machine, shower or other gray wastewater fixture in residential and light commercial applications, where the water needs to be pumped to an existing sewer line. The unit comes factory pre-assembled and ready to install. It features quiet automatic operation, and at only 10 inches tall (from the base to the top inlet flange), its short profile is ideal for compact areas. Its float switch can be accessed and serviced without disconnecting piping, and its air-cooled motor includes thermal-overload protection for safety. 

According to Waldron, the new 406 Series is a great fit for the market, although because it is new, feedback has been minimal. “Liberty has been a pioneer in the development of the drain pump technology,” he says. “Our first unit — the model 400 — was produced in the late 1960s. Since then, we have designed many upgrades and features. The 406 Series is just the latest example of the advancement of drain pump technology. We’re looking forward to getting it into the plumbing market.” 800-543-2550;


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