Today’s Kitchen Sink Add-Ons and Options are Plentiful

Plumbers looking to boost profits can benefit by staying on the forefront of the upgrades they can offer customers.
Today’s Kitchen Sink Add-Ons and Options are Plentiful
Ed Del Grande

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One thing I've recently noticed after all my years in the plumbing business is the wide variety of fixtures now available. Not only do we have a lot of plumbing fixture choices, many accessories and options are also available for these fixtures.

In my opinion, the fixture that really benefits from all the new add-ons is the kitchen sink. This makes sense, because kitchen sinks have always been thought of as more of a work station fixture than just a plumbing fixture.

The bottom line is that no matter the style or material you choose for your new kitchen sink, many manufacturers offer lots of accessories and options. Forward-thinking plumbers should pay attention to this trend and be ready to offer customers upgrades and add-ons to better serve them. Plus, this can also generate more profit for the plumber.

With all that in mind, here are a few of my favorite new kitchen accessories and fixture options that I have recently worked with and promoted. I've broken things down to three basic categories: faucet upgrades, sink construction, and accessories.

1. Kitchen faucet upgrades

  • Touchless — Touchless kitchen faucets are becoming very popular. Not only for convenience reasons, but having the ability to turn water on and off without touching faucet handles helps keep things cleaner in the kitchen — especially when working with raw foods or sticky ingredients.
  • Soap Dispensers — Stand-alone countertop soap dispensers that match the kitchen faucet and sink are now being offered by some faucet companies. Countertop dispensers have two advantages over sink-mounted soap dispensers. First, they can open up an extra sink hole for additional options. Second, countertop soap dispensers are often easier to refill.
  • Beverage Faucets — Having a second dedicated "beverage faucet" installed on a kitchen sink can be very useful. Beverage faucets include small water filter cartridge systems and supply filtered water for cooking and drinking. This allows the primary kitchen faucet to be used for cleaning chores without wasting filtered water.

2. Kitchen sink construction

  • Sound Absorption Pads — Stainless steel kitchen sinks offer a lot of good features but can be a little noisy when running a disposal or washing pots and pans. Look for stainless steel sinks that include built-in acoustic pads to help quiet things down.
  • Scratch Protection Surfaces — Along with sound absorption options, some stainless steel sinks also offer special surfaces to help prevent scratching. This can help keep the sink looking newer for a longer period of time.
  • Smart Divide — Double-bowl cast iron sinks with a "smart divide" feature can help when washing large pots and pans. The sink divide is a lot lower than standard double-bowl sink divides. With the lower divide wall, pots and pans can sit deeper in the sink bowl and are easier to clean with less splashing.

3. Add-on kitchen sink accessories

  • Kitchen Sink Racks — Custom-made sink racks that perfectly fit sink bowl bottoms provide fixture protection and also raise items in the sink above any water puddles in the sink. Since custom sink racks are usually made by the same company that manufactures the sink, the drain opening in the rack perfectly matches sink drain locations.
  • Kitchen Sink Saddles — Saddles are custom-made accessories that fit across sink bowls and dividers to create extra sink shelving areas and utility racks. This is a great option for drying utensils and hinging small towels.
  • Drying Mats & Accessories — The separate drying mat that sits on the counter next to the sink is back, but this time made with modern hi-tech silicone materials. Also available are matching sink accessories like paper towel holders, wipe dispensers, sponge and brush caddies, sink and counter squeegees along with pot and pan scrapers.

So for today's kitchen you basically have everything plus the kitchen sink to choose from and offer to your customers. 

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About the Author: Ed Del Grande is a three-time master plumber, GBCI LEED green associate and contractor with licenses in pipe fitting, fire protection and plumbing. He grew up in a family-owned plumbing business, and has 30-plus years of construction experience.

A self-employed contractor and professional comedian, he combined his performing and construction talents to became a pioneer in home-improvement television. Starting on HGTV with shows such as Dream Builders and The Fix, Del Grande helped build the DIY Network and with shows such as Warehouse Warriors and Ed The Plumber.


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