Hi-Tech Grows with Good People

Hi-Tech Grows with Good People
Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect owner Jamey Mullin.

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Jamey Mullin has positioned his company for expansion. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect was operating out of two buildings totaling 4,000 square feet just a couple years ago, but the facilities had reached maximum capacity.

The company recently relocated to a 15,000-square-foot facility 2 miles down the road in Edmond, Oklahoma. The new facility provides plenty of space for 25 employees and a fleet of 16 service vehicles, with room for continued growth.

Mullin attributes much of his business success to his ability to recruit the right people to the staff at Hi-Tech.

“I believe that I am blessed in that I have discernment with people, and that is as much a part as being a good plumber, marketer and manager,” says Mullin. “It all starts with the right people. I want someone who is honest, energetic and has a great attitude. This is part of the building block of a company. I believe I have the best people in the state – in the nation. I’d put them up against anyone. I hire people ­– technicians and officer personnel – who are trained for our system and who believe in our company.

“We want our people to specialize in specific disciplines, but to be knowledgeable about every system,” he says, adding that it’s typical to interview 20 candidates before finding the right individual.

Prior to an interview, Mullin even has his general manager, Charlotte Meyer, evaluate candidates on a few key points such as courtesy, grooming, and cigarette or body odor. “This person will be representing us in the home or business of a customer. I make my own judgment based on the time I spend with the applicant, and we find great people.”

Mullin says the most rewarding aspect of his job is when he hears feedback from people in the community who comment about a job well done or the courtesy of one of his employees.

“We want the customer to be happy,” he says. “We like to hear how we are doing as a company. I love it when they say ‘Your price was fair. You did a good job.’”

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