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GPS/Fleet Tracking


ClearPathGPS has gone mobile-first with its telematics solution so that business owners can have data at their fingertips — from fleet vehicle location, breadcrumb trails and real-time vehicle behavior to geozone and virtual timecard reports — whether the user is behind the desk or in the field. Every subscription comes with an unlimited number of platform users and includes native iPhone and Android app options, along with a traditional web-based solution for tracking and reporting. It integrates with ServiceTitan and has an OpenAPI to pull GPS tracking data into other back-office systems. 888-734-0384;

NexTraq software

NexTraq software provides driver assignments that keep track of who is driving a vehicle on any given day. It can help optimize daily planning, helping drivers accomplish more during the day, and provide fleet tracking to find the location of a single vehicle or the entire fleet, according to the company. Mapping and geofence service creates locations and zones with simplified 32-point geofencing. Sensors and asset tracking allow operators to know when a driver uses a lift or an asset has been moved. Behavior tracking can help correct poor driver habits with the tools needed to coach the team. It also helps automate maintenance schedules and gives alerts when repairs are due. Driver accountability can be increased with external- and internal-facing cameras. It can also help simplify electronic logging device compliance, operations and fuel management. 888-251-6401;

Quartix vehicle tracking system 

The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for trucks, coaches, vans and cars throughout the U.S., U.K. and France, the system offers a host of features for fleet managers. It helps analyze data, generating simple-to-use reports that can be accessed online. Live tracking, driver time sheets, geofencing and management dashboards allow managers to easily see where efficiencies can be made. Driver League Tables and individual driver reports help to assess driving style, which if improved can save businesses up to 25% in fuel consumption, as well as positively impact the safety of road users. It offers tiered packages to help businesses identify their best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks. 312-800-9882;

US Fleet Tracking AT-V4

The AT-V4 4G LTE tracking device from US Fleet Tracking has a compact, sleek design that fits in just about any space on a vehicle or asset. After a simple install, it can help uncover crucial data about vehicles and assets. It provides access to a vehicle’s location, speed and mileage from a desktop or mobile device, helping increase the number of daily service calls, according to the company. Its alerting feature helps users know when vehicles have entered or exited a specific location such as a client’s home or office. Toggle on the live weather and traffic information to get a robust picture of what a team encounters on the streets. It can help provide realistic arrival times for clients. 405-726-9900;

Business Software

My Service Depot Smart Service

The Smart Service software system from My Service Depot functions as a direct add-on to QuickBooks, adding scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer management. It offers real-time integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their customer base regardless of their preferred QuickBooks platform. It allows field service companies to streamline their operations and eliminate waste by automating much of the standard job process. When a customer calls, an office dispatcher will create a job in the scheduler, filling in job notes and assigning the work to a field technician. Once they finish, the job gets sent out electronically to the corresponding technician’s phone or tablet. When that tech arrives at the customer’s location, they’ll build a digital work order, collect a customer signature and send the completed paperwork back to the office for invoicing. 888-518-0818;

ServiceCore software

ServiceCore software is a QuickBooks-compatible, all-in-one software solution custom-built for companies in the liquid waste industry. Through route optimization, scheduling, customer management, accounting and other fundamental features, it is designed to help companies better manage their schedules, customers and inventory. 844-336-0611;

SimPRO Software Enterprise

Enterprise from simPRO Software is an end-to-end, cloud-based solution that minimizes administrative time and optimizes workflows through the use of various service management, project management, inventory and maintenance tools. It is built for any business and is compatible with simTRAC, which allows users to understand where costs are being spent in the field. The detailed reports, driver identification, geofencing and maintenance planner mean the user can ensure their fleet is meeting expectations. This fleet management software monitors the location of vehicles in real time and enables users to reduce costs, schedule smarter and enhance driver safety. 855-338-6041;



A Rooter-Man franchise offers a flat-rate pricing system (no royalty on percentage of sales). Franchisees are granted an exclusive franchise license for their chosen territories and become part of a team of independent dealers working together under a nationally branded website and recognized trademark, with proven systems for success. Franchisees receive equity in the national brand by receiving exclusive use of the Rooter-Man trademark in their territory. The ownership of the trademark in a territory can be an appreciating investment, which may later be sold or expanded in the future. 800-700-8062;

Zoom Drain Franchise

Zoom Drain Franchise pulls from a larger pool of willing and capable people because they don’t need skilled techs. Their “green” apprentices practice in training centers, on trucks and in the field with techs, using comprehensive digital manuals as the training curriculum. Graduating from apprentice to tech is the first step on a career path. The manuals match the specialized configuration of the trucks. The software, tools, equipment and materials are specifically referenced in the procedures and systematically updated on tablets. 877-855-5100;


Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Mounting Plate

The PACKOUT Mounting Plate from Milwaukee Tool provides users the ability to stabilize and secure their PACKOUT Storage in the shop or in a vehicle. Like the dolly, the mounting plate is constructed with impact-resistant polymer and has metal-reinforced mounting and tie-down points that allow it to support and secure 100 pounds of weight on the floor and 50 pounds on the wall. 800-729-3878;

Ranger Design shelving

Ranger Design shelving provides tradesmen with a sturdy and customizable workspace in order to simplify their job. The durable and rattle-free shelves will allow for better organization and efficiency during a day at work, increasing productivity. Featuring eye-catching black end-panels, the steel shelving is created with aluminum extrusions to increase a vehicle’s payload. The shelf trays are built from marine‑grade plywood with a dynamic load capacity of over 250 pounds in order to carry a cargo of any size. It is also available in aluminum for an increase in payload. 800-565-5321;


Air-Tow Trailers enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers from Air-Tow Trailers are available in 12-, 14- and 16-foot models with carrying capacities up to 10,000 pounds. A 92-inch door height makes these trailers large enough to accommodate large equipment such as scissor lifts and forklifts. Enclosed units are equipped with ground loading technology that allows for easy and safe loading of all types of equipment in any environment. A weatherproof aluminum shell keeps equipment out of the elements and provides a secure location for storage at the job site. Enclosed units come with many customizable options such as swinging doors with a three-point camlock or a self-locking rollup door and a plywood interior lining option for added insulation. E-tracks, vents, rubber bumpers, access doors and many other accessories can be customized. 800-479-7975;

Van/Box Truck

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Supreme Spartan

The 12-foot Supreme Spartan service body from Isuzu Commercial Truck of America is available for 109-inch-wheelbase NPR and NPR-HD models. Standard features include eight compartments with adjustable shelving for more cargo-organizing versatility and a spacious stand-up height interior with a standard street-side pipe door. Stainless steel D-ring compartment handles offer easier gripping with work gloves, and it offers two interior LED dome lights. 866-441-9638; 

Pipe Lining Supply MICROSHOP

The compact MICROSHOP from Pipe Lining Supply is a fully customizable drain cleaning, coating and lateral lining service vehicle that is completely customizable to best suit individual needs. It is available as a plain white mobile unit or can be custom wrapped, and is suitable for plumbers, excavators or drain cleaning contractors. The vehicle can be fitted with cured-in-place-pipe equipment such as Quik-Shot or Quik-Coating equipment for drain, waste and vent pipe. A smaller-footprint version of the Quik-Roller has convenient shelving below the roller table for additional storage. The van/truck/trailer is also set up with power, compressed air and side hooks. 888-354-6464;


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