Selecting Proper Drain Cleaning Equipment

Industry expert helps you understand what to look for in drain cleaning equipment
Selecting Proper Drain Cleaning Equipment
The best cables are left-hand coiled over a wire rope center for maximum strength and flexibility – and maximum kink resistance. Flexicore cable from General Pipe Cleaners is made from two layers of tempered spring wire wrapped tightly around a 49-stand wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking yet has the right flexibility to get through low flow toilets.

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Q: The economy is getting off its knees and starting to pick up. It’s time for us to get another truck on the road. What should I look for in selecting drain cleaning equipment? 

A: Remember your three Rs: 

  • Reliability
  • Range
  • Risk 

RELIABILITY. Downtime costs money. Choose a manufacturer with a solid reputation for tough, dependable products. And make sure they’re easy to maintain. But remember, cables do most of the work. The best are left-hand coiled over a wire rope center for maximum strength and flexibility – and maximum kink resistance. 

RANGE. Different problems demand different solutions. Consider a selection of cable drain cleaners for common clogs – and water jets for grease, sediment, ice and other soft blockages. And don’t forget sectional machines for large, long run lines. Aim for an equipment mix that lets you solve all sorts of problems – inside and out. 

RISK. Safeguard yourself, your employees and your business. Always demand equipment with a complete safety package. Do they include ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)? How about safety slip clutches? Do they feature air-actuated foot pedals – with no direct electrical motor contact? Protect your livelihood. 

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