Mini Drain Cleaner Pushed to the Limit

Drain cleaning pro Jeff Wall trusts the Mini-Rooter XP for his toughest drain cleaning jobs

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Mini Drain Cleaner Pushed to the Limit
Jeff Wall, owner of Wall Septic & Drain Cleaning Co., trusts the Mini-Rooter XP for his toughest drain cleaning jobs.

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“That machine is my friend. And I go nowhere without my friend,” says drain cleaning veteran Jeff Wall of the Mini-Rooter XP, his favorite drain cleaning machine. 

“I’ve had it everywhere, on rooftops, in basements, in crawl spaces, in yards,” he says. “I’ve taken it apart, transported it in sections, and reassembled it in really tight spots. And it always works the way I do — hard.” 

Unmatched flexibility and maneuverability

Easy to transport and maintain, Mini-Rooter XP from General Pipe Cleaners unclogs drains from rooftop to basement, including kitchen, bath and laundry lines. It carries 75 feet of 3/8- or 1/2-inch Flexicore cable to clear 2-, 3- and most 4-inch drainlines. 

General’s practical design makes drum and cable switching a snap — with minimal mess or lost time. The variable speed Power Cable Feed drives and retrieves the cable at up to 16 feet per minute for optimum cable control. 

It weights about 90 pounds, but it’s no weakling. “It’s tough equipment, priced right,” Wall says. “I love the reliability and maneuverability.” 

The Mini-Rooter XP rides on 8-inch semi-pneumatic wheels. The solid, easy-grip handle folds down to save space, and locks in place as an extra lifting handle. The compact design even lets Wall store it in his pumper truck. A roll bar protects the 1/3 hp motor during transport and operation. 

Standard safety features include an air foot pedal and ground fault circuit interrupter. An optional J-Drum for smaller drainlines is also available. 

Tool and cable dependability for toughest jobs

A drain cleaning professional for over 30 years, Massachusetts-based Jeff Wall owns Wall Septic & Drain Cleaning Co. He also likes to push his equipment to the limit. 

“Nothing in its class matches the Mini-Rooter XP for power and torque,” he claims. “That’s why I even use it for root cutting — even though General said it isn’t really designed for that.” 

Wall equally credits his machine’s rugged, root cutting performance to Flexicore cable from General. 

“It’s very strong, and torques down nice,” he adds. “I’ve never lost anything in a line due to cable breakage.” 

That’s because Flexicore cable is made of heavy-duty wire coiled tightly around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope. General’s unique design features unequalled strength and the right amount of flexibility. And it’s so tough it carries a one-year warranty against defect or breakage. 

“My dad always used it,” Wall declares. “And I swear by it — and General cutters.” 

Reliable backup

Wall’s arsenal also includes some of the most effective drain cleaning tools available, including the popular:

  • Power-Vee hand-held drain cleaner with automatic feed
  • Sewerooter T-3 power drain cleaner with 100-foot cable capacity 

“I absolutely trust those machines,” Wall notes. “They supplement my Mini-Rooter XP perfectly. And no matter what the task, I’m confident they’ll do the job.” 

Wall loves the peace-of-mind that rugged, reliable equipment affords. 

“I only use products I trust,” Wall says. “That’s why all my equipment is General.” 

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